Retreats - An Encounter with Christ through Experience

"Retreats provide us a time not to escape from life, but rather a time to delve in to the very soul and mystery of it."

In the tradition of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, every student at Strake Jesuit takes time during each school year to nurture their unique spiritual lives in the form of a retreat. The retreat program is required regardless of religious affiliation as it is integral to the the holistic growth we invite each student to - the formation of the whole person. Below are the links to sign up for the retreat and brief descriptions of the each theme. Additional information can be found in the respective retreat links to the left hand side and further details will be provided to each student.

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Reminder for students
> Schedule: In line with holistic formation, please take into account your events regarding athletic, extracurricular, etc.
> Accountability: We will hold you accountable to your word as young men; changes will be made by the student contacting their classmates to switch their spots, up to a week before the retreat (expect Kairos). If you still have a conflict, please contact Mr. Man as soon as possible.
> Communication: If you have concerns, please take the responsibility of coming to the PMC office and we will be happy to assist you!

Freshman - Freshman Retreat - Christ in Brotherhood 
... is a peer-led retreat led by fellow sophomore, junior, and senior Crusaders. It will be a three-day, two-night retreat that takes place at Strake Jesuit and helps freshman experience the welcoming presence of God's love and invitation through brotherhood. This retreat will welcome students to a brotherhood that is not solely for itself, but rooted in the love of God and God in all things.

Sophomore - Father & Son Retreat - Christ in Fatherhood
... is an opportunity for both father and son to grow in their relationship with each other and with God. It will be a two-day, one-night retreat at the Retreat and Leadership Center (RLC) which will consist of reflective talks, personal reflection, and one-on-one time. This retreat will help the students (and fathers/father-figures) to experience the love of the Son and the Father, through the Spirit.

Junior - Urban Pilgrimage - Christ in the Journey
... is part-reflection and part-immersion retreat where students will both pray and serve. It will be a two-day, one-night retreat where students will spend part of the time in reflection on Catholic Social Teachings and the life of St. Ignatius at the RLC and then head to various service centers and prayer sites around the Houston area. This retreat will allow the students to tangibly experience what is meant when St. Igantius says "Love is shown in deeds more than in words."

(Juniors as "Rising Seniors" also have the opportunity to go on a Kairos retreat in the Spring semester in order to help lead the first round of Kairos their senior year.)

Senior - Kairos - God's Time - Christ in Love

... is a reflective retreat where students are given the time to see the love of Christ working through their lives. Students spend four-days, three-nights at the RLC, where they share with one another their own stories-stories of profound moments in their lives when circumstances force them to confront the question of God's existence and/or benevolence as they never have before. This retreat will give the students a chance to encounter Christ in the cross and resurrection moments through the love in their lives.

(Seniors also have to option of attending the Sacred Within - Silent Retreat, which takes place during the week between final exams and graduation. This three-day, two-night retreat provides an atmosphere for each student to experience different methods of prayer and a place to discern their vocations with the God found in the stillness of their hearts.)