Strake Jesuit Educational Television, SJET, is actually two things:
A closed circuit television system that extends to every building and classroom on campus providing video support for faculty and  a student service organization, an extracurricular activity in which  student members learn all basic aspects of Television Production.

SJET has been in operation since 1970. SJET has two production studios with special effects and computer editing capability. The distribution side provides television programs over 8 separate channels for the classrooms and carrels. Every day during homeroom SJET reporters and announcers, together with technical crews, broadcast the  SJ Morning Show live to every homeroom. This program features daily announcements about school events, editorials, interviews, and even game shows like Scribbage Match.

SJET is a student organization that provides services to the entire school community. Camera and film crews videotape and report on athletic events; shoot stories for the SJ Morning show; help students produce and edit projects for other classes; record all school plays, concerts, and other major functions such as the Junior Cross and Ring Ceremony, the Baccalaureate Mass, and Graduation.

From the console, students direct live shows and edit taped productions. Character generators overlay text on the picture and special effects generators add interest and emphasis.
A well-stocked library of videotapes is maintained in the distribution center of SJET. From this central point on campus, television programs are broadcast directly to the classrooms and/or study carrels over as many as eight channels simultaneously.

Any Freshman or Sophomore may enter SJET. Most of our activities are before school, during lunch and after school. Each member is trained on 10 technical levels from a simple knowledge of the studio to being a full director. The most important requirement is a genuine interest in television production. You must be willing to dedicate your time and energy to help SJET work! You must also be persistent! Do not expect to be a director overnight.

After one year in the organization you are eligible to take TELEVISION PRODUCTION courses. You will receive credit for your work in SJET through these courses.