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Athletic Guidelines and Rules

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II.  Q and A's Pertaining to UIL Compliance
III. UIL Booster Club Guidelines

Kickoff Dinners and Post Season Dinners - Parents bring Desserts, Salads, Vegetables (Pot Luck Dinner - School provides Meats and drinks) Allowed by UIL for one pre-season and one post season event.
Pre-Game Away (Non-Houston) Dinners School pays for dinners for players. Booster Club provides staff to prepare and serve dinners. The schools are within UIL Guidelines being able to provide meals for Students before an athletic event for games outside of Houston area.
Pre-Game Home Game Dinners Booster Club can provide provides staff for Dinner The total cost of these dinners and the occurrence must be calculated and each student athlete is responsible for paying their equal share of the cost for these meals. Each student athlete must pay this fee.
Pre-Game or Event Snacks Teams are provided snacks Granola, Fruit, Gatorades for any games or on a bus trip. Again, the total cost should be calculated and each student athlete needs to pay their equal share of the cost. (No donations can be given any particular group of individuals)
After Game Meals Varsity Players have had a meal provided after each away game played outside of the Houston area. The school can provide meals to athletes when they travel outside of the Houston city limits.
Coaches Gifts Team Coordinators collect money from parents for coach's gifts. Money collected needs to be given to Team Coordinators and deposited in Booster club account and the School can contribute a maximum of $300 per coach each year.
Spirit Item or Gifts Parents, Alumni, Cheerleaders provided spirit items, shirt, equipment bags, hats, candy, toys etc to athletes. Is not permitted under UIL rules. Overall rule is: Anything cannot be offered to an athlete that is not given, or offered, to the entire student body.
Birthday Celebration Parents would like to bring cake, donuts, or other treats in celebrating a birthday event for a member of the team. The expenses cannot be costly or extravagant and must be offered to everyone attending this event. Items must not be offered solely to an athlete that is not offered to the entire student group.
Senior Parents Night Recognition School defrays cost of flowers for senior parents. Within UIL Guidelines
Decorations Decorations for the special sports related events is sometimes provided by the parents. Donations need to be kept to a minimum. No expensive or extravagant decorations.
Tailgate Parties Can parents fund and organize tailgate parties for away varsity games Students not affected - primarily for parents - Within UIL rules.
Transportation for Students to/from Games All travel and accommodations are provided by the school. The student must travel and stay with the team unless permission is specifically obtained from the coach for each occurrence.
UIL Compliance Contact: Bill McDonald 713-490-8226 (O)


II. Q and A's Pertaining to UIL Compliance
Answers obtained by Mr. Bill McDonald,
Athletic Director Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
Answers obtained from District Executive Committee and UIL staff.

August 5, 2003

1. Kick-off Dinner - Parents bring desserts, side dishes,
veggies, Booster Club provides fried chicken

Answer:OK - kids are allowed to receive one pre season and one post season
Meal provided in such a manner as long as it is done before the first actual game.

2. Pre-Game Dinners (AWAY) - Booster Club pays for spaghetti
dinners for varsity players.

Answer: OK - but booster club would need to donate the money to the school and
Have the school actually pay for it.

3. Pre-Game Dinners (HOME) - Players pay $3. for spaghetti dinner.
Answer: OK - as long as that is at least the actual cost of what they are receiving.
An example: The spaghetti costs whoever $90 to provide and 30 players
eat, that equals out to $3 and is ok. However, if it costs $100 and only 20 eat,
$3 is not enough and each would need to pay $5.

4. What can be given to Coaches for recognition?
Answer: Coaches Gifts - Team coordinators collect money from
parents for coaches gifts(Max. gift limit of $300.).
Coaches are allowed to receive up to $300 (cumulative for the entire
School year) in recognition for coaching or directing activities,
see section 481 of the C&CR.

5. Saturday Donuts and Juice - Donations by parents?
Answer: Kids would have to cover those costs. If it costs $50 and 25 kids are
there, each must pay $2.

6. Senior Parents Night - Is it ok for the Booster Club to purchase flowers for senior parents?
Answer: OK- as long as you have school approval.

7. Decorations - Are there any restrictions on what the parents can or can't do?
Answer: Stay away from items of value on such decorations. Paper, glitter etc is ok, but if you get into adding fancy expensive items,
it could become a problem. Easy out is to limit it up front.

8. Tail gate parties - Can parents fund and organize tailgate
parties for away varsity games?

Answer: Not a problem from our end of it. If the kids are involved see number 2
above for away games and 3 for home games.

August 14, 2003

These questions concern events around our Cross Country season....
1. "Carb Parties". A family hosts members of the team at their
house and a pasta dinner is served. Host family provides main dish
and other families bring sides and desserts.

Answer: You need to make sure each kid or family contributes
equally for each of the events.

2. Fruit, Bagels, Donuts, at meet site. In the past this has
been donated by families. Could we divide cost of these times # of
meets and charge in advance for this?

Answer: If this meet is held away from your home campus, the parents
could donate these materials to the school and the school could provide
them for the kids. The school is allowed to feed the kids in association
with a contest held away from the home school.

3. Cool Towels. A parent has given a cool towel to each
participant as he completes his race to help him cool down. The towel is returned.

Answer: Not a problem.

August 15, 2003.

1. What is the proper way to handle providing drinks after games?
Answer: Consistent with matters already asked of the UIL, the proper way to
handle providing drinks after games would be to collect from each parent.
Take the cost of post game gatorades, times #of events, divided by
families and collect that. This way no one is provided any benefits.

August 27, 2003.

1. Is a Spaghetti dinner before game (3PM Fridays) ok to do?
Cost of meal times number of players = $3.00 per player. Each pays for his own meal.

Answer: Not a problem as long as they pay the actual cost as you listed.

2. Cheerleaders have provided spirit boxes (baskets of candy,snacks) to
varsity players on the day of some games. This benefit would not seem to be
allowed. Can Cheerleaders provide spirit boxes?

Answer: Local school district superintendents have the discretion to allow
Student athletes to accept, from their fellow students, small "goodie bags" that
contain candy, cookies or other items that have no intrinsic value and are not
considered valuable consideration.

3. A game is scheduled across town (St. Thomas). We do not provide players a
post game meal. Can we provide a pre-game meal? Would the players need to pay for their meal?

Answer: Schools may purchase meals for student athletes in the local community
provided the meal be in conjunction with competition scheduled away from the home school.
The local school district is allowed to provide meals for student athletes in
association with a contest held away from the home school. Policies for this are
determined by the local school district and must be in compliance with UIL rules
and booster club guidelines.

4. Transportation - We have allowed coaches to release players to parents at the
conclusion of away games. Most times this happens when a player's family resides on
that side of town. Can we continue to do this?

Answer: This is your decision locally.

October 8, 2003

1. An athlete of ours has brought a request from (email) Head Baseball
Coach at St. Edwards University. The email states that with the High
School's AD's signed approval, the athlete can "tryout" at the College.
Is this legal?

Answer: As long as the school does not provide equipment, transportation,
or funds for that tryout, we have no rule that prohibits it.

2. Can our Booster Club link to UIL Booster Guidelines on our website?

Answer: Yes, you can link to the guidelines from your site. The only thing
Copyrighted on our site is our Logo.