Dr. Ricardo Nuila '96 to Receive Ignatian Award as Alumnus of the Year

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dr. Ricardo Nuila '96

Dr. Ricardo Nuila ’96 has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 Ignatian Award presented annually to Strake Jesuit’s Alumnus of the Year. The Ignatian Award is annually bestowed upon a Strake Jesuit Alumnus who meets the following criteria: his life exemplifies the academic, religious, and social values of the Jesuit tradition; outstanding generosity to the community; professional achievement contributing to the advancement of his area of expertise, and he exemplifies a Man for Others.

"What an honor it is to receive an award like this, especially given the standards Strake Jesuit has upheld for so long,” said Dr. Nuila. “It's been nearly twenty years since graduation, and I'm lucky enough to say that my best friends today are Strake Jesuit men. They're not only people I joke around and reminisce with, they serve as my moral compass, men that give me insight during difficult moments, which is why maybe it feels like I've never left Jesuit, and why I can say that my work today couldn't exist without the Jesuit community. How do I imagine myself writing today without Mr. Volding's English class? How do I conceive of practicing medicine in needy countries without Strake Jesuit’s service requirement or the phrase Men for Others circling in my head? How do I think about being a good teacher without the challenges posed by Fr. Leininger? This award is dear to me for many reasons, but chiefly because of how much it represents the wonderful ideals of Jesuit’s history and community."

After graduating from Jesuit, Dr. Nuila attended Georgetown University where he earned a B.A. in English. He then attended the Baylor College of Medicine where he earned his medical degree. He has since built an outstanding reputation as a doctor, professor, and writer. He teaches in the Medicine & Society program at the University of Houston Honors College, works as an attending physician at Baylor College of Medicine, and is an assistant professor in Internal Medicine, Medical Ethics, and Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Nuila has worked for public health projects and medical brigades in multiple locations around the world, including Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, and India, all in service to those that can't afford medical care.

A noted writer, Dr. Nuila’s works of non-fiction have been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine and the Virginia Quarterly Review. A work of fiction landed him in the Best American Short Stories of 2011.

Dr. Nuila will be presented the Ignatian Award on Saturday, February 13, 2016 when the school holds its annual Night of Honor. On that same evening, five new members will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Honor.

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