Crusader for a Day

Our ‘Crusader for a Day’ program gives 8th grade students interested in attending Strake Jesuit the chance to experience daily school life through a student’s perspective. The half-day visit includes homeroom, the first four class periods, and lunch. To schedule your son to shadow, please click the link below to fill out the Crusader for a Day form or email with the date you are requesting, your son’s name, the school he currently attends, and his extra-curricular interests.

 7:45 am    -  Drop-off at Admissions Office
 8:00 am    -  Homeroom
 8:15 am    -  Four Class Periods
 11:30 am  -  Lunch (provided)
 12:15 pm  -  Pick-up at Admissions Office

What should my son wear? 

Generally, visitors tend to feel more comfortable when they dress in our school dress code: shirt with a collar, long pants, belt, dress socks and dress shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable if dress shoes are not available.

Where is the Admissions Office?
We are located on the second floor of Moran Hall.  Visitor parking is located directly in front of Moran Hall. Both drop-off and pick-up will take place in the Admissions Office.

Is lunch provided? 
Yes. Your son does not need to bring lunch or lunch money.

Do we need to know a current student at Jesuit for our son to be a 'Crusader for a Day'?
No. Your son will be paired with a Jesuit Ambassador, a current freshman or sophomore at Strake Jesuit, who has similar interests as your son. However, if you know a current student that your son would like to shadow, we will do our best to honor your request. All visits should be scheduled through the Admissions Office.

Can you provide a letter for my son's school?
Yes. The letter will be provided to you when you pick up your son at the end of his visit.

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