COVID-19 Updates

"Act as if everything depended on you; trust as if everything depended on God."
― Saint Ignatius of Loyola
COVID-19 Procedures
Students, parents, faculty, staff, and visitors may read below for campus practices and policies. 

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  • Individuals with COVID-19 Symptoms

    Each day before entering campus, all students, visitors, faculty, and staff must self-screen. Stay home if you develop COVID-19 symptoms while off-campus. If you develop symptoms while on-campus, contact the school nurse who will assist in isolating you from others.
  • Individuals Confirmed to Have COVID-19

    If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, stay at home, isolate, and contact the school nurse as soon as possible (Mrs. Carol Directo: or 713.490.8202). Mrs. Directo will guide you through the necessary protocols. Mrs. Directo's permission is required to return to campus after protocols are complete. Students, families, faculty, and staff will receive notice of positive case counts on campus. The school will also notify the appropriate local health officials of COVID-19 cases.

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  • Individuals Exposed to COVID-19

    Local health officials and the CDC regularly update guidance for people who are exposed to COVID-19. Individuals exposed to COVID-19 should follow this guidance and the directions of their own doctor.
  • Campus Cleanliness and Infrastructure

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Strake Jesuit made several upgrades to campus that will aid in maintaining the health of our community against all infectious diseases. For example, HVAC systems have been upgraded with virus knockdown and air disinfection technology. Our janitorial services include best practices disinfection techniques, and are validated by an independent lab. These practices will continue indefinitely.

If changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic require modifications of these policies and procedures, or a transition to an alternate learning mode, we will publish updated plans accordingly on this website. 

We welcome any feedback or questions from Strake Jesuit students and parents regarding our COVID-19 policies. Please reach out here.