Dads' Club

The Dads’ Club of Strake Jesuit is committed to the virtues of faith, responsibility, fellowship and service to others. By our example and through our activities we encourage the development of the Strake Jesuit student into a complete, well-balanced young man. We are dedicated to applying our time, talent and treasure in support of the Strake Jesuit community and the greater communities for which we are a part.

As dads we accept a responsibility to nurture our children by sharing our faith with them and helping them understand God’s grace in our lives. The Dads’ Club encourages our sons to follow our example of prayerful thought and appreciation of God’s blessings.

Through shared experiences we forge lasting bonds with our children. The Dads’ Club brings fathers and sons together in fellowship. Our activities include the annual Father/Son Fun Day, an afternoon at Top Golf, and much more. In addition, we encourage camaraderie among dads through our dinner meetings, welcoming new dads dinner, and a winter retreat.

Giving back to our community is as important for the Dads’ Club as it is for our boys. The Mr. Nevle’s Street Reach was developed to honor Mr. Richard Nevle’s legacy of service and encourage fathers and sons to participate in social needs outreach. Throughout the year a variety of father/son service projects are announced. Participation in these programs may also count towards a student’s service hour requirements.

2019-2020 Dad's Club Leadership
President: Hank Fuselier
Vice President: Craig Uptmor 
Treasurer: John Rossi
Secretary: James Marrow