Mothers' Club

Welcome to the Mothers' Club!

If you are a mother with a son at Strake Jesuit, you are automatically a member of this special group.
The Strake Jesuit Mothers' Club has a treasured history of serving and supporting the mission of
Strake Jesuit.

Through service, you will make a difference.
Your sons' four years will pass quickly, but memories and friendships formed will last a lifetime. 
Be sure that you, as well as your son, leave Strake Jesuit with new friends.
By giving back to our community with servants' hearts,
we are a living example to our sons of what it looks like to be a "people for others".

Please check back later for an updated list of 2020-2021 volunteer roles and the opportunity to sign up to volunteer for the upcoming school year. 

Are you interested in helping the Mothers' Club?

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Please look at the list of volunteer opportunities and join us.

Mothers' club meetings are open to all.


Committee Chairs will give updates on the work of their teams, it's a great way to learn about all we are doing.


*August 21
*September 11
*October 16
*December 11**
*January 15
*March 11
Meetings begin at 11:00 am in the Clay Boardroom.
**Meeting starts at 10:30 am



President, Sally McMillan

Vice President, Sheryl Barrett

Recording Secretary, Stephanie Davis

Corresponding Secretary, Michelle Cashiola

Treasurer, Julie McKay

Assistant Treasurer, Jane Jamieson

Parliamentarian, Eileen Meinert

Historian, Sandra Soto

Questions? Please contact any of our Executive Board Members.

2019-2020 Mothers' Club Executive Board Members
L-R: Sandra Soto, Eileen Meinert, Michelle Cashiola, Sally McMillan, Sheryl Barrett,
Stephanie Davis, Jane Jamieson, Julie McKay

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