Mothers' Club

The Mothers’ Club of Strake Jesuit College Preparatory is an organization which provides opportunities for its members to meet and get to know one another while performing valuable services for the Strake Jesuit community.  All parents and guardians of Strake Jesuit students are members of the Mothers’ Club.  The Mothers’ Club offers a variety of volunteer activities ranging from working in the library or counselor’s office, providing refreshments for the parent-teacher meetings and teacher appreciation events, to serving on the fund-raising committees.  The Mothers’ Club sponsors the Spring Fling carnival and raffle held in March of each year, which benefits the Strake Jesuit financial aid program.

We encourage parents to get involved in the many activities of the Mothers’ Club. Being involved at Strake Jesuit offers a wonderful model for our sons, as an example of our willingness to sacrifice time and effort to offer them the best possible secondary educational experience that we can.  Your participation will make a difference to all; your memories from these quick years will last forever.  By giving to our Strake Jesuit family, we are a living example to our sons of what it truly means to be “people for others”.

A listing of our committees and chairman is available on the 'Committees' link below.

Our Mothers’ Club meetings are held in the Clay Student Center Conference Room at 11:00 am, unless otherwise noted. 

Any questions regarding the Strake Jesuit Mothers' Club can be directed to one of the Executive Board members listed below.


Are you interested in helping the Mothers' Club?

Mothers' Club Executive Board

President Sharon Lundgren 
Vice President Kim Wilkie 
Recording Secretary  Rhonda Dailey
Corresponding Secretary Nancy Popp 
Treasurer Freinde Mills 
Assistant Treasurer Julie McKay 
Parliamentarian  Tara Parker
Historian Michele Holbrooke 

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The Reverend Fr. Michael F. Kennelly, S.J. organized the Strake Jesuit Mothers' Club by forming a group of mothers who represented different sections of Houston, utilizing the parish boundaries of the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. The first meeting was held November 9, 1964 with some two hundred mothers in attendance. Since 1964, the Strake Jesuit Mothers' Club has been a valuable asset to the school promoting community among faculty, parents, and our sons.

1964-65 Donita Morrison
1965-66 Gay Stewart
1966-67 Nita Waggenspack
1967-68 Mary Jean Ried
1968-69 Nano Padon
1969-70 Gioia Keeney
1970-71 Fran Seger
1971-72 Mary Clare Albrecht
1972-73 Eileen Bardwill
1973-74 Clare Aiuvalasit
1974-75 Joyce Volmert
1975-76 Joan O'Malley
1976-77 Mary Ann Livingston
1977-78 Carolyn Devine
1978-79 Jean Jordan
1979-80 Jeanne Mealey
1980-81 Gana Parsley
1981-82 Jody Inman
1982-83 Peggy Yuna
1983-84 Joyce Coles
1984-85 Anna McLean
1985-86 Joannie Alvarez
1985-86 Betty White
1986-87 Phyllis Sulentic
1987-88 Charlotte Etgen
1988-89 Madelyn Von Eschenbach
1989-90 Diane Montegut
1990-91 Linda Walsh
1991-92 Colleen Paradise
1992-93 Judy Girotto
1993-94 Bessie Wilhelm
1994-95 Julie McDonald
1995-96 Karen Bausano
1996-97 Peggy Brown
1997-98 Barbara Bonner
1998-99 Mary Margaret Sims
1999-2000 Daphne Light
2000-01 Paula Gochnour
2001-02 Jes Hagale
2002-03 Dianne Brody
2003-04 Terrie Gornet
2004-05 Lynette Vecchio
2005-06 Gail Branca
2006-07 Cindy Chambers
2007-08 Terry Meara
2008-09 Jean Janssen
2009-10 Kathryn Wilson
2010-11 Arleen Harbin
2011-12 Cathy Garcia-Prats
2012-13 Eileen Johnston
2013-14 Melissa Magee
2014-15 Joan Nazario
2015-16  Kathy Vrabec
2016-2017 Jacque Townend
2017-2018 Martha Rutledge

Committee Chairs

Admissions Support
Sally Clark
Ava Aruffo 
Kathleen Broussard 
Charmaine Constantine

Adriana Borsos 
Sandra Soto 

Baccalaureate Reception
Aly Bevington 
Jennifer Drouilhet 

Blood Drive
Cindy Irr 
Joanna Burton 

Board Hospitality
Michelle Townsend 
Cathy Pellegrino 

Care Team 
Tonya Ellis 
Sylvia Spivey 
Kristin Holy 
Michelle Cashiola 

Christmas Fund
Jane Jamieson 
Cindy Miller 
Annette Higgins     

Christmas Tree Trimming
Sandra Soto 
Fiorella Cortes 
Meg Thorburn 

College Night for Catholic Schools    
Jacqueline Kenneally 
Mary Schneidau 
Juanita Chretien 
Joy Posoli    

Tracy Ruffeno 

Counselors Office Support
Aimee Verheek    
Lori Montgomery 

Faculty /Staff Appreciation Lunches
Dana Benoit 
Katheryn Hung      
Kim Wilkie 
Karen Lade 

Follow your son Schedule night
Ruth Stiles        
Diana Boihem 

Golf Scramble
Sheryl Barrett 

Kristen Leach 
Kim Palumbo 
Aimee Verheek 

Junior Ring and Cross    
Fiorella Cortes 
Karla Stoneham    
Library Support
Jessica Donnelly 

Liturgy Support
Monica Jones 
Jeanette Leach 

Mother Club Closet
Annette Higgins     
Kelley Jakubik 
Sarah Daniel        

Mothers’ Club Lenten Retreat 
Wendy Wall 
Kate Lykes 

Mothers’ Club Weekend Retreat
Eileen Meinert     
Sheryl Barrett 

Mothers For Others Luncheon
Kim Wilkie 
Nancy Popp 
Sandra Soto 
Michele Holbrooke 

Mother-Son Luncheon 
Laura Dzierzanowski    
Meg Thorburn 
Karen Gonsoulin 

Joni Checchia 
Liz Franklin 

Michael Green 
Sally Green 
Dr. Ron Peters 
Dr. Lecresha Peters 

Parent-Teacher Meetings
Elizabeth Garcia Mcloughlin 
Monica Reese
Shannon Ramirez 
Karen Haysley 
Special Events Reception
Liz Franklin 
Carissima Uptmor 

Special Projects
Stasi Ogier        
Stephanie Blakes 

Spirit Store 
Jennifer Teague     

Student Dances Chaperones
Carolinas Sievers 
Patrice Wilson 

Student Retreat Support
Cathy Harris        
Rebecca Hoelscher 

Volunteer Database Coordinator
Elizabeth Garcia Mcloughlin 

Welcome Brunch
Shelby Nicknish    
Steffani Polasek     
Karen Gonsoulin 
Kristin Holy 



Alumni Moms 
Julie Jewett

Booster Club 
Dawn Koenig 

Mentor Mom Chair
Sally McMillan 

Auction Chair
Stephanie and Josh Davis 

Dads’ Club President
Ross Fava 

Spring Fling
Michelle Cashiola 
Eileen Conery 
Kristin Holy 

Spring Fling Raffle Collections
Cathy Harris 
Linda Whitson