Information: The group will fly from Houston to Lima, clear customs and immigration and then continue on to Cusco, where we will be transported to the Sacred Valley for the first night in-country. Once settled in, we will participate in an orientation to learn more about the community, culture, and service opportunities. In the afternoon on the first full day, we will go to Pachar, high in the Sacred Valley, where you will settle into your homestays for the next several days. The homestay accommodations will be in a traditional Quechua community and the homes will be close to each other in this beautiful rural village surrounded by stunning mountain cliffs.

Throughout the first 5 days of the mission, you will start work on a community-based project. This could mean working on a variety of service projects including building bathrooms, improving kitchens in local homes, building and improving local facilities, and teaching at the local community school. Most of the time, community members join in with us for the projects, since they’re community-initiated and overseen by local engineers, construction teams, and community leaders. Your days helping and learning in the rural communities in and around Ollantaytambo are for sure going to provide you a unique and memorable experience. In addition to service, we will spend time with the village members learning about their daily lives and traditions by participating in traditional weaving and dying workshops and preparing meals with local products. 

Please be aware of the openness and flexibility to the schedule; things in Peru run at a different pace and with a different idea of organization and efficiency than we are used to in the US. Some of the best experiences are in simply spending time with the people you serve.

Boarding and Lodging: Students from Strake Jesuit will stay in local guesthouses and in a homestay with a traditional Quechua community for the entirety of the program. Breakfast and dinner will be provided and prepared by your local homestay family in Pachar, lunch each day will be together as a group either in local restaurants or prepared by ‘local chefs’ at the service site. Drinking water will be provided for the entirety of the program.

Excursion Information: Toward the end of the week, the group will enjoy a weekend experience exploring the sacred valley, take a train journey to Aguas Calientes, and take in the sunrise at one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. The trip will end with a day and a half in the Incan Capital city of Cusco, exploring local markets, participating in a chocolate making workshop, and taking in all that this UNESCO World Heritage City has to offer. 

Trip Costs: $2,195 + airfare. The cost includes all travel expenses, all food and lodging, and program fees. Students are not required to bring additional spending money, but it is suggested for personal items/souvenirs that may be purchased in country. Please note, visa and passport fees are not included in the listed price.

Dates: June 12 - 23, +/- a day or so