Freshman Service

"What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"
Micah 6:8

Jesuit education means a lot more than striving for excellence in the classroom, the athletic field or the stage: it gives us a broad range of experiences to encounter God and, through this encounter, become Men for Others.  

Our program is not just about service, it is about service-learning. As a Catholic and Jesuit school we want students to reflect on their service, to gain understanding about people’s lives, and witness how our society does and does not take care of its most vulnerable members. Therefore, our goals are for each person in our school family to understand the responsibility of putting faith into action, experience the joy of serving Christ in the needy and poor among us, and follow Christ’s call to build a world grounded in faith and justice. Consequently, we ask our students to willingly accept God’s call to serve others and to develop the habit of living virtuously, committed to serving others with their families. 

The main theme of the freshman service project is Cura Personalis: care of the whole person. Each freshman must choose a 15-hour service project to complete before the end of freshman year. Freshmen are encouraged to visit nursing homes and work with the elderly for their service projects. Other forms of service are also applicable, but must be pre-approved. This service project can only begin after a freshman has officially registered as a Strake Jesuit student and may be completed during the summer between 8th grade and freshman year.  

It is highly encouraged for family members to join their sons for at least five hours of service. The family component in developing a “habit of service” is essential to the freshmen service project. We invite freshmen to choose a project that will enrich themselves and their families. When we say “service with family” we suggest at least one family member participate with the student, as both volunteer at an organization or a service-oriented event. “Family member” can be defined as mom/step-mom, dad/step-dad, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, or grandparents. 

The Process and Requirements

  • Each freshman must think, pray and discern with his family the best place to complete his service project. Projects must be submitted to and approved by the Service Director in the Pastoral Ministry Office; pre-approval is not necessary if the project is chosen from our database (listed on our website).
  • Each freshman must complete his Service Project by the first week after Spring Break of freshman year and will submit a Reflection component to his Theology I teacher by an April date provided by the respective Theology teacher.

Reflection questions for Service-Learning Project 

  1. Describe your service-learning project. Include a description of the agency or organization you worked for during the project. What were your duties and responsibilities at the site?
  2. How is your service-learning project experience related to your Jesuit education? How has it enabled your growth as a person striving to become a Man for Others? How does the service-learning experience connect to your long-term goals? 
  3. How has this experience impacted your value and belief system? How has your service affected your own sense of civic and Christian responsibility? 
  4. Explain why your service was important to you in your understanding and connection with a Faith that does Justice?
  5. How was your experience of doing service with your family? What was your family’s experience of the Service-Learning Project? 

For questions, contact the Service Director via email at or by phone 713.448.8437. 

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