Junior Service

"This is how we know what love is: Christ gave his life for us. We too, then ought to give our lives for our brothers."
1 John 3: 16-18

Now into the third year of service, after experiences with freshman and sophomore years, the expectations for our juniors is to live out the ideals of the Grad at Grad, focusing on strengthening the values of being Open to Growth, Religious, Loving and Committed to Doing Justice. Therefore, juniors will continue their experiences serving others in all those capacities, specially the joy of serving Christ in the needy and the poor among us.

The junior project focuses on serving the needs of the local worshiping community. One suggestion is by being part of a service project at their church or faith community. Juniors are encouraged to serve in a leadership role at their worshiping community. This can include social outreach programs run by the place of worship, such as serving at food pantries, fish fries with the Knights of Columbus, Parish Bazaar, Acolytes and Altar Server at Mass, teaching Catechisms, helping with the Children’s liturgies, etc. It can also include being a leader for programs such as Vacation Bible School.

If your place of worship does not have social ministry projects, then you may pick from the database listed on the SJ website. It is a good idea to approve any location not in our database, prior to starting your service, lest it not count. At least 25 hours must be fulfilled between the summer starting their junior year and ending by the Fall semester of junior year. Hours should be completed and verified by the first week after returning to school in the spring semester.

Juniors may not begin their senior service projects until their junior hours are completed and verified.

The Process and Requirements:

Each junior must think, pray and discern the best place to complete his service project. The first choice should be at one’s own faith community.

  • Projects must be submitted to and approved by the Service Director in the Pastoral Ministry Office.
  • Each junior must complete his Service Project by the end of first semester of junior year (can include Christmas Break).
  • All juniors must submit a Reflection component to his Theology III teacher by a date in Spring semester provided by the respective Theology teacher.

Reflection questions for Service-Learning Project Essay:

Describe your service-learning project. Include a description of the parish/ church community, agency or organization you worked for during the project. What were your duties and responsibilities at the site?

How is your service-learning project experience related to your Jesuit education? How has it enabled your growth as a person striving to become a Man for Others? How does the service-learning experience connect to your long-term goals?

How has this experience impacted your value and belief system? How has your service affected your own sense of civic and Christian responsibility?

Explain why your service was important to you in your understanding and connection with a Faith that does Justice?

How was your experience of doing service with your family? What was your family’s experience of the Service-Learning Project?

Reflection component is due on a date to be announced by your Theology III teacher, after required hours are met. Those who lack the required hours will affect their grade in Theology class.

For questions, contact the Service Director via email at rdsouza@strakejesuit.org or by phone 713.448.8437.