Academic & Personal Counseling


Throughout a student’s time at Jesuit, his Academic & Personal Counselor will assist him in becoming  more adept at making important decisions that impact his academic career and personal life. This will be achieved primarily through weekly small group meetings with his counselor. In these meetings, the counselor will present a wide-ranging curriculum on topics such as study skills, relationships with teachers, course selection, leadership, substance abuse, standardized testing, and transition to Strake Jesuit for freshmen.

The Academic & Personal Counselor will meet one-on-one with students as well. Each grade level will have a dedicated Academic & Personal Counselor who will follow that class from freshman year through senior year. To reach us, please call: 713,490.8154. 

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Strake Jesuit’s counseling program is committed to providing a foundation rooted in our Catholic and Jesuit traditions, with an emphasis on providing every student with equity of services and continual access to an exemplary level of academic and personal support. With the advocacy of his counselor, each student begins the lifelong process of truly knowing himself and developing as a person, while learning to persevere and grow in the midst of struggle. Our young men look beyond their own needs and attend to the needs of others, they make decisions based on their active and authentic love for their families, their communities and themselves, and work for justice. Each student is empowered to define himself as a successful leader and Man for Others who have come to a fuller life in Christ within the principles of the Graduate at Graduation.


The vision of Strake Jesuit’s comprehensive school counseling program is that all graduates will have ceaselessly developed skills which are focused on the perpetual pursuit of truth, steeped in their Christian values, and their commitment to service to others. All students who graduate from Strake Jesuit will recognize their talents and skills, identify their vocations, while continually developing a manageable path to fulfilling a life of love and commitment to family, faith, and service. Our graduates will be instilled with a deep understanding of who they are as men, husbands, fathers, leaders, mindful citizens, and most importantly – a passionate grasp of their responsibility as Sons of God. Through a rigorous college preparation, equitable access, and numerous opportunities for support and growth, every student will be led to find God in all things, they will be beacons of hope and examples of love and understanding to those around them, always striving and never settling – “Magis.”

Students and families can call a Counseling Crisis line at any hour to make an urgent report or seek assistance related to a mental health crisis. The number is 361.879.6994. In case of an emergency, please call 911.

Strake Jesuit's Academic and Personal Counseling is recognized for excellence in school counseling. CREST stands for Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas. Schools receiving CREST awards have demonstrated a commitment using the school guidance and counseling program to improve the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and personal social domains.