College Fair & Representative Info

Each year, there are two major opportunities for College Representatives to visit Strake Jesuit and meet with our students.

The first is our Catholic High Schools College Fair. The fair is jointly hosted by several area Catholic high schools, and takes place on the Strake Jesuit campus during October of each year.   Additional college and gap-year fairs are hosted on campus during the spring semester.  


Catholic High Schools 2019 College Fair
Tuesday, October 8
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Strake Jesuit Athletic Complex
No registration required for students to attend.

College Representatives may register here.


The second opportunity is our regular on-campus College Representative Visits.  These visits are information sessions that provide students an opportunity to meet college reps and ask questions without ever leaving campus. We host one college at a time for our junior and senior students. Students must register for these visits on Naviance and get a Rep Visit Permission Slip signed if the visit is during a class period.  

Here are the colleges visiting our campus over the next few weeks.  Check back frequently for an up-to-date list.

Upcoming On-Campus College Rep Visits

Monday, August 26
Case Western Reserve University, 10:00am

Tuesday, August 27
Baylor University, 9:10am

Tuesday, September 3
Hamilton College, 12:45pm
California Lutheran University, 1:55pm

Wednesday, September 4
University of Chicago, 12:45pm

Thursday, September 5
Hult International Business School, 12:45pm
Rollins College, 1:55pm

Friday, September 6
University of Vermont, 10:20am
Dartmouth College, 12:55pm
The University of Texas, Austin, 2:00pm

Monday, September 9
Washington University in St. Louis, 10:00am

Tuesday, September 10
Trinity University, 9:10am
University of Tulsa, 10:00am
University of Houston, 12:45pm
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1:55pm

Wednesday, September 11
The University of Alabama, 10:00am
St. Louis University, Madrid, 12:45pm
Johns Hopkins University, 1:55pm

Thursday, September 12
Purdue University, 9:10am
University of Richmond, 10:00am
New York University, 12:45pm
Wake Forest University, 1:55pm

Friday, September 13
Northeastern University, 9:10am
The New School - 10:00am
University of San Francisco, 12:45pm
The University of Warwick, 1:55pm

Monday, September 16
Mercer University, 9:10am
Dickinson College, 10:00am
Willamette University, 1:55pm

Tuesday, September 17
Louisiana State University, 12:45pm

Wednesday, September 18
Franklin University Switzerland, 10:00am
University of Aberdeen, 12:45pm
University of California, Riverside, 1:55pm

Thursday, September 19
University of Georgia, 9:10am
Babson College, 10:00am
Rhodes College, 12:45pm
St. John's University, 1:55pm

Friday, September 20
University of San Diego, 9:25am
Furman University, 10:10am