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Summer Programs

There are many summer programs that prepare students for college.  Below are lists/descriptions of off-campus and on-campus options.

Pre-College Summer Enrichment Programs - Summer 2020


College Essay Workshop

This ten-hour workshop (five two-hour meetings) helps rising seniors prepare essays for college applications. The instructors have years of experience helping students with such essays. For a motivated, focused student, the program provides sufficient instruction and encouragement to write at least one strong essay at week's end. Students are encouraged to arrive to the workshop with some work already done on their essays.
College Essay Workshop Director: Jim Saltzman,

Students may choose one of the following sessions:

Session 1:  June 15 - 19, 3 - 5pm  (CLOSED - SESSION FULL)
Session 2:  June 15 - 19, 5:15 - 7:15pm  (CLOSED - SESSION FULL)
Session 3:  June 22 - 26, 3 - 5pm (CLOSED - SESSION FULL)
Session 4:  June 22 - 26, 5:15 - 7:15pm
Session 5:  July 13 - 17, 12 - 2pm (CLOSED - SESSION FULL)
Session 6:  July 13 - 17, 5 - 7pm

Cost per session:  $225

Students receiving financial aid may contact Cammie O'Hara to receive a discount code and discount quantity.  All discounts are based off of the % of financial aid that the  student currently receives toward tuition. 

Essay Workshop Important Information

  • Essay Workshops are optional; not required for any student.
  • Students may register for only one session of the College Essay Workshop.  
  • Space is limited, so students may attend only the session for which they have registered.
  • Students and parents should make sure the camp dates and times do not conflict with the student's summer job or other responsibilities. We are not able to pro-rate fees for time missed.
  • Workshops will be held in Strake Jesuit classrooms unless COVID-19 prevents us from doing so, in which case all workshops will be conducted online.  To class, each student needs to bring drafts of his college essays, a functioning school iPad, and the Essay Essentials book. 
  • Essay Essentials must be purchased independently prior to the first class.  Not included in the workshop fee is the cost of the book, nor is the book provided by the instructor.

Summer Essay Workshop Registration Form

1.  Enter the information requested below.
2.  Click "Submit" to go to the payment page.
3.  Submit your payment.