Orientation Dance


Dress Code for Student Dances

The Catholic high schools in Houston have established and enforce a common dress code for dances. The dress code varies slightly depending on the type of dance. Strake Jesuit students are responsible for seeing that they and their dates observe the dress code in order to gain admission to the dance.

For casual dances, men's attire must be in good taste, modest and appropriate. Students may wear pants, jeans, or non-athletic shorts worn at (not below) the waist. Shorts must be knee length or longer. No cut-off shirts, bare midriffs, or head coverings. Women's attire should follow the same guidelines as for men, plus no backless or strapless blouses and no halter or tube tops.

Student ID Requirement

We ask students to bring a Student ID from their school, or else a printed copy of their student schedule with their name.