Student Experiences

"I learned a great deal about business and financial terms. I had an opportunity to observe and take part in business networking and learned how to conduct myself in a professional manner. Both professionals I shadowed provided a great deal of insight into business. I learned about compounding and simple interest, the importance of diversifying investments, investing, and many other financial topics."
- Liam Kennelly ’16 interned at Northwestern Mutual

 "His internship triggered a significant increase in interest towards the area of finance. As a result of his brief stint at Northwestern Mutual, Michael will be joining Northwestern Mutual, Mr. Burch and his office part time this fall. He will be focusing on marketing and personal needs analysis."
- Michael Nice ’16 interned at Northwestern Mutual

"My experience with Mr. Bothe was very informative and interesting. Most of my days consisted of accompanying Mr. Bothe and sitting in and observing company meetings. I thoroughly enjoyed the meetings as I was free to ask questions and voice my opinions. Throughout the week I was exposed to all three branches of the company. Mr. Bothe also gave me plenty of advice and insight in regard to my future education and how to go about getting into the marketing field. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience that has definitely helped me find a career more suited toward me.”
- Hugo Gonzalez interned at Brand Extract

“I have become more aware of what it takes to be a lawyer and what I need to do before entering law school.”
- Samuel Kretzchmar ’16 interned at Cogan and Partners