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Donating to the Auction

Your gift to be included in the auction should accompanied by your completed donor form (below) so we know how to acknowledge you. You can even order online from for direct shipment to the school.  The auction offers a wide variety of items, and your donations of any size and type are greatly appreciated.  If you need some suggestions, how about…

GIFT REGISTRIES:    You can visit one of the following stores OR simply order online from the registry (look up as: First Name: “STRAKE”; Last Name: “JESUIT”) and have the item sent directly to:

AUCTION - Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, 8900 Bellaire, Houston, TX  77036

Pottery Barn * Williams Sonoma *

GIFT WISH LIST:  Your gift need not be limited to the suggestions on the registries. Items can include things for adults, students, as well of for the home. Popular auction items include the use of vacation homes, restaurant gift certificates, tickets to sporting and theater events, high-tech gadgets, handmade items and jewelry.

For more information contact Mary Callaghan  or Jill Ribbeck.

GROUP GIFT:  Collaborating with other families on a group gift is a wonderful way to participate. Consider putting together a trip, a collection of fine wines, a night on the town – USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

CASH DONATIONS:  Of course we NEVER turn this down and would be happy to purchase a gift on your behalf, sometimes allowing us to choose just the right item to complete a package or to help underwrite a trip. We will accept cash donations at the parties and any time prior to our event.

Please include a Donor Form with each Auction donation.  This serves as our record of your donation and provides the information necessary to record and track the gift.  Thank you for helping us to maintain accurate records of gifts and donors!  We appreciate your support!

Print a FOrm