In May, Strake Jesuit embarked on a project to modernize the baseball complex. The heart of the project, which is slated to be completed by the start of the next school year in August, is the placement of the latest in artificial turf on the baseball field. The project also includes a new digital scoreboard as well as coverings for bleachers.

“This project will modernize our baseball field so that it is safer and will provide a great playing surface designed specifically for baseball,” said Fr. Jeff Johnson, S.J., school President. “But this project is about more than just baseball. It will provide much-needed practice space when the baseball team is not using it.”

As a part of the renovation of the baseball field, plans call for the installation of a new
ScoreVision scoreboard

Key factors in the decision to move to artificial turf were:
- Safety - Artificial turf fields provide a surface free from the inconsistencies that come from natural terrain. 
- Maintenance – Natural playing surfaces require significantly more maintenance than artificial turf surfaces.
- Multi-Purpose Use – Having an artificial turf surface allows for the space to be used by the entire athletic program.
- Aesthetics – Turf surfaces are more aesthetically pleasing than grass surfaces.
- Industry Standard – The use of artificial turf surfaces on baseball fields is quickly becoming an industry standard.

“We repeatedly ask the question ‘how do we assist all our programs to achieve at the highest level possible?’, noted Mike Crowley in his comment to those in attendance. “Facilities are always at the top of the list. To continue to upgrade our athletic facilities keeps us on par with the best schools in the state and beyond and says volumes not only to our current students but our future ones.”

As a part of the renovation of the baseball field, plans call for the installation of a new ScoreVision scoreboard. Similar to the boards installed in 2017 in Clay Stadium and the Competition Gymnasium, these boards allow for digital, dynamic content viewed on brilliant LED displays that engage and excite the crowd and players.

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