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The Strake Jesuit Art Museum

Founded and incorporated in 1996, the Strake Jesuit Art Museum provides a unique opportunity for students, families, alumni and the public to see landmark artworks in an educational setting.

Instead of viewing art within the confines of a pristine, white-walled enclosure, works by artists such as Rufino Tamayo, John Alexander, Larry Bell, Jesús Moroles, Louise Nevelson, and Pablo Picasso become part of the fabric of student life.

It is an integral aspect of the student experience at Strake Jesuit to find art along the tree lined walkways, between buildings and within interior spaces. One can see sculpture by Fritz Scholder, Edward Hendricks, David Deming, Betsy Dudley, and James Surls from several vantage points on campus. Critical thinking is also inspired in the classrooms and public spaces of the school where works of Egyptian antiquity and Mayan culture stand side-by-side with renowned painters of the modern world.

More than 500 works of art command attention on campus for quiet contemplation or for continued research in English, history or art history classes. The breadth and quality of artworks in our midst is truly a remarkable gift.

These works come to us from numerous friends, including the late Frank Ribelin, alumni and parents of students. They stand as a reminder of the multilayered opportunities offered to the students at Strake Jesuit. What better way to form a well-rounded education in which students are inspired to become Men for Others when they see the sciences and the arts valued as significant components of a complete education.

Opportunities will be available through art history classes, the student organization SOFAA (Society of Fine Art Appreciation), and museum docents for tours of the collection.

Visit the Museum

The Strake Jesuit Art Museum
8900 Bellaire Boulevard - Houston, Texas 77036
Phone: 713.490.8117
Fax: 713.774.6427

The Strake Jesuit Art Museum Office

Ms. Leslie Rahuba, Director
E-mail: lrahuba@strakejesuit.org

The Strake Jesuit Art Museum Office is located in Room 502.


Questions regarding the collection may be directed to Leslie Rahuba at 713.490.8117 or lrahuba@strakejesuit.org.