Student Life


The Arts at Strake Jesuit

The study and development of Fine Arts skills do much for the education of the total person. The Fine Arts Department appeals not only to the intellect, but also to the aesthetic side of our human experience, concentrating on the values of non-materialism, passion, respect, appreciation, compassion, and love. It is a discipline which teaches service to others in the form of plays, concerts, visual arts, and a better appreciation for the beauty in the world around us.

Students are required to take a full credit in Fine Arts. Half and full credit courses in Music, Theater, and the Visual Arts are available to students. Other performance-oriented courses such as Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Forensics, and Individual Events Competition last the entire year, are open to all students in any grade, and are given one credit hour. These classes utilize varied teaching styles and offer an alternative to a "text-oriented" curriculum. Teachers work with the students on a one-to-one basis as much as possible fostering the growth of creativity in the students.