Pastoral Ministry


In accord with the Strake Jesuit philosophy of education which stresses student responsibility toward the larger community, each student participates in a service project. These service projects are an important part of the Strake Jesuit curriculum. Through them, students will have an opportunity to put into practice the attitudes of social justice and Christian concern that are fundamental to a Catholic, Jesuit education. 

As an integral part of the curriculum, service projects earn a grade and appear on a student’s official transcript. Additionally, students will complete various service reflections related to their service that are rooted in Jesuit philosophy, Ignatian values of spirituality and reflection, and the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

St. Ignatius of Loyola

Teach us to give, and not count the cost.

Service Program Details

Service Hour Requirements
  • Freshmen: 5 hours
  • Sophomores: 10 hours
  • Juniors: 15 hours
  • Seniors: 75 hours
Deadline to Complete Service – March 24, 2023
Students must complete their service hours by March 24, 2023, the first Friday after Spring Break.
Submitting Completed Service Hours
Each student will be assigned a Service Coordinator. Students report their completed service hours to their Service Coordinator who will verify that each student has successfully completed their hours. The Service Coordinator will follow up with the service location to ensure hours have been completed and accurately reported. 
To submit, click this link to:
  1. enter the details about the completed service and
  2. submit a letter or email from an adult in charge at the service location so that completed hours can be verified by the Service Coordinator.
Service Reflections
Shortly after the March 24, 2023 deadline, students will (1) write a service reflection in their Theology class in which they will begin planning for next years’ service project, and (2) share their experience of service in their Advisory group.
When can I start my service project?
Students may begin their service project no earlier than 15 months before the hours are due. For 2022-23, service may be completed anytime between December 1, 2021 and March 24, 2023.
No Compensation for Service
Students must not accept any compensation or gifts for their service.
What happens if a student does not complete the service project by the deadline?
Students who do not complete their service hours by the March deadline will
  • become ineligible for extracurricular activities,
  • lose senior privileges, and
  • lose access to their grades, Report Cards, or transcripts until they have completed their service project requirements or otherwise receive permission from the Pastoral Ministry Office.
Students who fail to complete their service project by the end of the semester in May will
  • receive a failing grade for the course and
  • will be required to remediate the failure in accordance with the school’s policies on failing courses, or they may not be allowed to return to Jesuit in the fall.
Seniors who fail to complete their service project will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
Where can I complete my service project?
Students may complete their service at any of the service locations listed in the document linked here. A student who wishes to serve at a place that is not on the pre-approved list must contact a Service Coordinator ( for approval before beginning the service. Otherwise, the service hours may not be allowed.