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The purpose of the Strake Jesuit Athletics Hall of Honor is to serve as a means of maintaining the rich heritage and tradition of the Fighting Crusader athletic program. In addition, it will serve as a means of recognizing, preserving, and honoring the athletes, coaches, individuals, and teams that made significant contributions to the athletic program.

New Class Elected to Strake Jesuit Athletic Hall of Honor

Two individual athletes and two teams will join the previous inductees of the Strake Jesuit Athletic Hall of Honor as members of this year’s induction class.  Entering the Hall of Strake Jesuit’s most accomplished athletes throughout the years are Andrew Slania '98, Stephen Tyree '06 and the 2010 Soccer Team from the Modern Era. Elected from the Legends Era is the 1972 Cross Country Team.

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  • Andrew Slania '98

    Andrew Slania '98  is one of the most decorated baseball players in Strake Jesuit history.  A three time First Team All State selection, Andrew left the program as the career leader in batting and in the top 5 in several other categories.  As a senior, he was named to both the preseason and postseason All Greater Houston Teams.  He went on to play college baseball at St. Louis University and is the proud parent of a current Crusader student.
  • Stephen Tyree '06

    Stephen Tyree '06 was a three sport athlete at Strake Jesuit, participating and excelling in Basketball, Football, and Track and Field.  As part of the early UIL days, Tyree was among the first All-District athletes in the school's history.  A rarity in today's high school landscape, Stephen played on both sides of the football as a wide receiver on offense and defensive back on defense.  He went on to play collegiately at Bucknell University.
  • 2010 Soccer Team

    The 2010 Soccer Team finished the regular season with a record of 27-1-1 as a participant in the 5A division of the UIL.  This season was capped off by a trip to the state championship game and a national ranking of #4 by ESPN.  Several players went on the play collegiately, including Patrick Wall, who won a National Championship at Notre Dame.  Other notable players were Robbe Tarver, Michael Davidson, Jamie Garcia-Prats, and Robert Greenberg. 
  • 1972 Cross Country Team

    The 1972 Cross Country Team was the first Strake Jesuit Cross Country Team to win a state championship.  Additionally, six of the seven runners from the team were named All-State.  This team established Strake Jesuit as a force in the sport by winning the first of 23 consecutive state championships.
The incoming members of the Athletic Hall of Honor will be inducted
during a special dinner and ceremony on campus at our annual Strake Jesuit Night of Honor.
Please join us for this year's Hall of Honor induction ceremony on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 6:00PM in the Moran Dining Hall on the Campus of Strake Jesuit.

Registration for this year's event has closed.  For information and questions, please contact Colin Matheny '02 at

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Past Hall of Honor Inductees

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  • 2008 Inaugural Class

    Mike Janda '69 - Athlete
    Mike Novelli '75 - Athlete
    Eric Mullins '80 - Athlete
    Chris Darkins '92 - Athlete
    1976 Football Team - Team
    Br. Casey Ferlita, SJ † - Distinguished Individual
  • 2009 Class

    Ralph Sacra '69 - Athlete
    Steve McConnell '78 † - Athlete
    Bil McArdle - Distinguished Individual
    1976-77 Soccer Team - Team
  • 2010 Class

    Tommy Nolen - Coach
    George Bean '81 - Athlete
    Corey Davis '90 - Athlete
    Bob Pilegge - Distinguished Individual
  • 2011 Class

    Nelson Akwari '00 - Athlete
    Bret Broussard '76 - Athlete
    Jake Voskuhl '96 - Athlete
    Dick Janse † - Coach 
  • 2012 Class

    Patrick Devine '78 - Athlete
    Bill O'Brien '78 - Athlete
    1977 Mile Relay Team - Team
    (Ira Lucas, Tyrone Donahoe, Alan Bergeron, and Bryant Newbill)
    1998 Baseball Team - Team
  • 2013 Class

    Ray Albrecht '72 - Athlete
    John "Bumper" Schiro '80 - Athlete
    1995-96 Basketball Team - Team
    Jerry Martinez - Coach
  • 2014 Class

    Jason Cimineri '96 - Athlete
    Chris Ogbonnaya '04 - Athlete
    Frank Scalise '71 -Athlete
    Bob Collett - Coach
  • 2015 Class

    Stuart Davies '88 - Athlete
    Broderick Hicks '98 - Athlete
    Steven Hogan '03 - Athlete
    Fred Viancos '80 - Athlete
    1982 4 x 800 Relay Team - Team
    (George Bean, Philip Franshaw, Franciso Melendez, and Scott Lucas)
  • 2016 Class

    Ricky Gras '77 - Athlete
    Craig Gilcrease '82 - Athlete
    Michael LeBlanc '96 - Athlete
    Jamie LaRochelle - Coach
  • 2017 Class

    David Howe '66 - Athlete
    Garth Jax '82 - Athlete
    Steve Rowe '98 - Athlete
    Colin Matheny '02 - Athlete
  • 2018 Class

    Don Blair '69 - Athlete
    Kent Mayes '78 - Athlete
    Stephen Nijoka '07 - Athlete
    1992 Soccer Team - Team
  • 2019 Class

    Bill McShane '77 - Athlete
    Andre Gray '81 - Athlete
    Sam MacNaughton '87 - Athlete
    2009 Basketball Team - Team
  • 2020 Class

    Bill Arnold ’66 - Individual
    Scott Lester ’81 - Individual
    Tim Frazier ’09 - Individual
    2008 Football Team - Team
  • 2021 Class

    Jim Branda '66 - Individual
    Greg Tyler '77 - Individual
    Andrew Taylor '84 - Individual
    Nick Jean-Baptiste '07 - Individual
    2001 Football Team - Team
  • 2022 Class

    Jim Branda '69 
    Greg Tyler '77 
    Andrew Taylor '84 
    Nick Jean-Baptiste '07
    2001 Football Team
  • 2023 Class

    Andrew Slania '98 - Athlete
    Stephen Tyree '06 - Athlete
    2010 Soccer Team - Team
    1972 Cross Country Team - Team

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The nominations for ever year's Hall of Honor inductees come from our amazing Strake Jesuit community. If you have an alumni athlete in mind that deserves nomination, please fill out the form below. Alumni must be graduated a minimum of 10 years to be inducted into the Hall of Honor.

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Active Nominees

This is a list of current, active nominees for the Strake Jesuit Athletic Hall of Honor. As stated in the Hall of Honor by-laws, an athlete, team, coach, or distinguished individual who has been nominated and not selected for induction into the Hall of Honor after five (5) years of their nomination is removed from consideration but can be nominated again for consideration. 
Modern Era (1982 and Newer) Legacy Era
Individual Athlete Individual Athlete
John Harris '84  Joseph West '65 
Joel Hollenbeck '90  Marc Polansky '70 
Craig McKinlay '90 Jerry Martinez, Jr. '74 
Carey Ford '93  Mike Kegg '75 
  John Posey '75 
  Theodore Condara '77 
David King '08  George Zenner '78 
Jeff McVaney '08  David Sanguesa '81 
Pat Connolly '09 
Teams 1966 Football Team
1982 Doubles Tennis
1986 Soccer Team 1975 Football Team
1988 Basketball Team 1979 Tennis Team
2000 Baseball Team 1980 Football Team
2006 Cross Country Team
Distinguished Individuals
2012 Water Polo Team Larry Mason '66 
Joseph Nixon