Ignatian Award

The Strake Jesuit Ignatian Award -- The Alumnus of the Year -- is bestowed upon an Alumnus whose life exemplifies: 
The academic, religious, and social values of the Jesuit tradition;
Outstanding generosity to the community;
Professional achievement contributing to the advancement of his area of expertise,

And he exemplifies a Man for Others.
Congratulations to Gray Miller '67, who is this year's Ignatian Award winner.  Gray has exemplified what it means to be a Man for Others for his entire lifetime. 

After graduation and a brief sojourn at the Merchant Marine Academy, Gray worked in public service for a number of years with the Houston Police Department. He thereafter went back to law school, joined an international law firm, and then re-entered public service as the first graduate of Strake Jesuit appointed to a federal bench. In all these roles, Gray has been an outstanding exemplar of the Jesuit tradition.

Judge Miller is recognized not just as a national expert in his previous specialized area of maritime law, but also for taking the time and effort to produce some of the highest quality legal opinions in the country on cases over which he presides.

Judge Miller has continued his commitment to community service, particularly in service with the Board of the Texas Department Mental Health and Mental Retardation.

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The Ignatian Award, alongside the Athletic Hall of Honor, is presented annually at the Night of Honor dinner and reception. For details about this year's event, please contact the Advancement Office.
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Past Recipients

1984 - Larry Mason '66
1985 - Marcel Frey '74
1986 - C. Jim Stewart III '67
1987 - Charles Atchison '72
1988 - Raymond Albrecht '72
1989 - Patrick Moran '66
1999 - Thomas Adolph '75
2000 - N.J. Santarcangelo '67
2001 - Michael Koch '75
2002 - The Honorable Frank Rynd '70 & Stephen LePore '75
2003 - Msgr. James B. Anderson '70
2004 - Dr. Julius DeBroeck '73
2006 - Dr. Brian Parsley '74
2008 - Joe Mike Piazza '72
2009 - Steve Kamel '74 
2010 - Dr. Tony Garcia-Prats '94
2011 - The Honorable Mark Davidson '71
2012 - Tom Standish '67
2013 - Bo Bothe '88
2014 - James "Jeb" Bashaw '80
2015 - Dr. Ricardo Nuila '96
2016 - Vince Santos '83
2017 - Dr. Miguel "Mike" Gomez, III '83
2018 - Michael P. Doyle '83
2019 - Deacon Ron Walker '79
2020 - Mark Bazin '98
2021 - Ken Valka 66

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