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The instrumental music program combines talented students from both Strake Jesuit and Saint Agnes Academy.

Who We Are

The band program is multi-faceted and diverse in performing opportunities. In the fall, our “Jesuit Band” primarily plays at Football games then we transition to the concert band setting for our Christmas concert. In the spring, our band students perform at TPSMEA Festivals (Concert-Sightreading & Solo-Ensemble) as well as perform a Spring Concert towards the end of the school year. In addition, some students will audition and be selected to perform at various All-State and All-Region ensembles.

The band program combines student musicians from both Strake Jesuit and St. Agnes Academy. Rehearsals and concerts primarily happen at the Parsley Center on Strake Jesuit’s Campus. We are thankful and proud of this collaboration between both campuses.


Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the highest-level performing concert band ensemble, and membership is determined by audition on a semesterly basis. The Wind Ensemble typically performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts every year, as well as the TPSMEA Concert & Sight-Reading Festival. Rehearsals are held from 7:00-7:45 am. Mr. Sean Burke, Director of Bands, primarily leads this ensemble.

The Symphonic Band

This ensemble is the 2nd highest-level performing concert band ensemble in the program. The Symphonic Band normally performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts as well as the TPSMEA Concert & Sight-Reading Festival. Rehearsals are from 7:00-7:45 am. This ensemble is primarily led by Mr. Taylor Sharp, Assistant Band Director.

The Jazz Big Band

The ensemble follows the traditional instrumentation layout consisting of Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums. Membership in this ensemble is exclusive to students who also participate in either one of the other Concert Band or Orchestra ensembles. Some exceptions may be made for piano, bass, and guitar players. Rehearsals are Monday afternoons from 3:15-4:00 pm. The Big Band normally performs at the Christmas and Spring concerts as well as the TPSMEA Concert & Sight-Reading Festival yearly.

Jazz Combo

Small Jazz Combos are composed of students who are also in the Big Band. Our premier Jazz Combo is the Kostka Combo - named after our patron saint, Stanislaus Kostka. Our second performing group is the Borgia Combo. Our third performing group, the Claver Combo, is intended for 9th-grade students only. Jazz combos have lots of variety but traditionally, have a mix of solo and rhythm instrumentation. Performances vary from concerts to community events. Rehearsal times are primarily after school and/or.


Jesuit Band

The Jesuit Band is our “Pep Band'' ensemble and performs at every Varsity Football game. We do not march and we are not a marching band. We do however perform on the field at halftime and play stand tunes during the game. Jesuit Band membership comprises all students in the band program. Rehearsals are from 7:00-7:45 am and primarily are during football season (Fall).

Band Accolades

  • A total of 9 All-State musicians at the TPSMEA [Texas Private School Music Educators Association] Clinic/Concert
    • One of the most from any school in the State!
  • 25 musicians in the TPSMEA South Region Band
  • Straight Division 1 Rating in TPSMEA Concert & Sightreading for our Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Kostka Jazz Combo
  • 21 events (solos/ensembles) qualified for TPSMEA State Solo and Ensemble
  • A total of 8 All-State musicians at the TPSMEA Clinic/Concert
  • 26 musicians in the TPSMEA South Region Band
    • The most in our region!

Band Events

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  • Spring Jazz Concert

    Join us in our SJSSA Jazz Spring Concert! Meyer Hall, St. Agnes Academy. Performance will include all of our jazz combos and big band!
    Meyer Hall (St. Agnes)
  • Spring Band & Orchestra Concert

    April 27, 2024
    Band and Orchestra Concert
    Parsley Center - Parsley Center Auditorium - 799
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Meet Our BandDirectors

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  • Photo of John Burke

    Mr. Sean Burke 

    (713) 490-8248
  • Photo of Taylor Sharp

    Mr. Taylor Sharp 

    (713) 490-8256