Academic Resource Center

Program Overview

The Strake Jesuit Academic Resource Center exists to help struggling students realize their full learning potential. Unlike a study hall, the ARC is a comprehensive program designed to address the underlying causes of poor academic performance through counseling and mentoring. Enrollees receive personalized attention and support that help students form a love of learning and balance their busy school-life schedule. The ARC is located on the second floor of the Moody Library and is led by Jason Kimball and Jordan Hebert. Students are enrolled in the ARC on the basis of their academic performance and as recommended by the Strake Jesuit counseling department and/or administration. ARC enrollment is reviewed after every grading period and students who have demonstrated the ability to excel academically are then released from the program.

Meet the ARC Team

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Jason Kimball

    Mr. Jason Kimball 

    (713) 272-4380
  • Photo of Margaret Buehler

    Ms. Margaret Buehler 

    (713) 272-4356
  • Photo of Alejandro Garcia

    Mr. Alejandro Garcia '13 

    (713) 272-4312
  • Photo of Jordan Hebert

    Mr. Jordan Hebert 

    (713) 272-4304