Pastoral Ministry


Retreats: An Encounter with Christ

In the tradition of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, every student at Strake Jesuit takes time during each school year to nurture his spiritual life by making a retreat. The retreat program is a required component of each student's formation, regardless of his religious affiliation, because it is integral to the holistic growth we offer each student and lies at the very heart of our goal of forming the whole person.
Retreats provide us a time not to escape from life,
but rather a time to delve into the very soul and mystery of it.

Freshman Retreat

All students make a retreat each of their four years at Strake Jesuit, and this begins with the freshman retreat. It is centered around giving freshmen a sense of belonging here that leads them to recognize the relationships in their lives that matter most. The freshman retreat is a student-led retreat given over two days and held on campus. Roughly sixty juniors and seniors work tirelessly to prepare to lead their eight freshmen, and these big brothers help the freshmen to recognize that Strake Jesuit is a second home for them, that they truly belong at this school and with these brothers, and that God desires to meet them where they are in order to call them to the very best things. Thus, the freshmen retreat provides a preview of the whole retreat program in one weekend: an experience of service and community, of the Sacraments and prayer, and of the small but meaningful moments when God speaks to the heart of each freshman and shows him how to love.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Director of Pastoral Ministry.

Sophomore Retreat

Father & Son Retreat

Join us for this opportunity for both father (or father-figure in Spirit) and son to grow in their relationship with each other and with God. We will engage in personal reflection, talks in regards with faith journeys, and one-on-one time between father and son.

There are eight rounds of retreat for sophomores. However, you and your son will participate in only one round, and we can accommodate 35 pairs each retreat. The session will consist of a two-day/one-night stay at the Retreat and Leadership Center (directions in the link) and begins at 3:30 pm on the first day and runs until 12:00 pm the next day. As a reminder, each father/son pair will be responsible for transportation.

Note: If you choose the Friday/Saturday retreat, your son will attend class Friday morning before being dismissed at noon to attend the retreat.

In the event that your father is unable to attend, students are encouraged to invite a grandfather, uncle, coach or teacher that can serve as a father-figure.
    • Experience holiness of everyday life through the Trinity in love of the Son and the Father, through the Spirit.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Director of Pastoral Ministry.

Junior Retreat


The Kairos Retreat facilitates a profound experience of God and community. Students return to the RLC to spend four days reflecting upon the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ through concrete, personal stories (or “talks”) given by students and faculty. This retreat is the keystone of the spiritual formation that our retreat programs offer. In addition to an emphasis on prayer, the Sacraments, and community found in other retreats, Kairos also re-introduces juniors to the Christian tradition and helps them to confront the darkness of sin, addiction, and broken relationships with the tools of Christian virtue.
    • Encounter Christ in the cross and resurrection moments through the Love found in your own life.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Director of Pastoral Ministry.

Senior Retreats

List of 4 items.

  • Servant Leadership Retreat

    Mission: To help senior develop as Christian leaders in our community through the example of Jesus Christ and the Saints, to go set the world on fire for the faith. 

    Where: Retreat & Leadership Center

    Limit of 60 students
  • Ignatian Service Retreat

    Mission: To help students encounter Christ through service to those most in need and be the face of Christ to the forgotten.

    Where: SJ Campus/Houston Area

    Limit of 30 students per retreat
  • Silent Retreat

    Mission: To help seniors explore various contemplative prayer styles as well as provide a time for the students to discern their unique vocations through silence (whether religious life, professional, and the like).

    Where: RLC

    Limit of 60 student per retreat
  • Wilderness Retreat

    Mission: To help student become aware of God's love for us and his creation through hiking, outdoor activities, and guided mediation at a camp site. Must be willing to sleep in tents and go on long hikes.

    Where: State Park near Houston

    Limit of 20 student per retreat
If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Director of Pastoral Ministry.

Retreat & Leadership Center

The heart of Strake Jesuit’s spiritual development is the school’s extensive retreat program.

Thanks to the generous donation of a magnificent tract of land less than 2 hours from campus, Strake Jesuit now has its own Retreat and Leadership Center, a facility that few private schools in the country could imagine. The Retreat and Leadership Center serves Strake Jesuit students by assisting in their growth and development into Men for Others.

The impact of this facility on our program has been transformational. The secluded nature of the center is ideal for important team and leadership building as well as emphasizing that God is in our life and in all things. The RLC allows the entire retreat program to grow significantly.

While the Pastoral Ministry Office continues to offer their core retreats, clubs and sports teams will also hold their own retreats. These expanded retreat offerings have been extended to non-student groups such as the faculty and staff, the Dads’ Club, the Mothers’ Club, and Alumni groups.

The property is located is Leon County, just west I-45 near Leona, Texas, and south of Centerville. The beautiful site features rolling hills, large trees, and access to a small lake. It is an ideal setting for students and faculty to encounter God in nature and to enhance their spiritual reflection and growth.

The facilities include:

  • Eight individual cabins that can each sleep 10
  • Dining Hall with a full kitchen
  • Fleming Conference Center with breakout rooms
  • Chapel of the North American Martyrs
  • Nevle Reading Room
  • Bunkhouse to provide housing for larger groups
  • Ammons Outdoor Pavilion with basketball court
  • Fr. Joe Doyle, SJ playing field