Student Life

House System

In August of 2013, Strake Jesuit launched their House System at Freshman Orientation. Students are divided amongst four houses, and remain in these houses until they graduate from Strake Jesuit. Throughout the year, houses compete against each other to earn their house various quarterly and yearly rewards.

The goal of the House System is to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact across grade levels. In doing so, the community benefits from increased school spirit, positive peer pressure, increased social connectedness, and healthy competition.

Points System

List of 4 items.

  • Event Attendance

    A student who attends an approved event (sporting event, drama production, concert, dance, etc.) will receive one point for his House. 
  • Participation in Programs

    Students who belong to a student organization (sports team, drama, band, chorus, etc.) will receive one point for his House. These points are awarded at the end of your season.
  • Conduct

    On the first Friday of every month, Houses will be awarded 50 points for the house with the fewest Penance Halls in the previous month.
  • Academics

    Students may earn one point for his house for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters by making the Honor Roll. Points will be awarded during the months of October, January, and March.


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  • Annually

    The House with the most points for the year will be named House Champions for that year and celebrate with a house wide party. 
  • Quarterly

    The House with the most points for each quarter receive a house-wide treat, which could include ice cream, breakfast, or another similar reward. 

House Council

The Strake Jesuit House Council, moderated by Ms. Jessica Batchelor, is composed of five officers (Seniors) and representatives elected from each student house. The House Council is elected at the end of the school year and members serve throughout the following school year.

The House Council works to improve various aspects of student life and plays a central role in planning school activities such as dances, pep rallies, tailgates, and field day.

The members of the Council are honored to represent the Student Body. Suggestions, concerns, or comments always are welcome. Please feel free to contact the House Council through any of the House Council members.

House Leadership

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  • Photo of Jeremy Dunford

    Mr. Jeremy Dunford 

    (713) 490-8206
  • Photo of Jessica Schuffenecker

    Mrs. Jessica Schuffenecker 

    (713) 490-8147