Our Way of Proceeding

“Love ought to show itself in deeds more than in words.”
-St. Ignatius of Loyola
Our Way of Proceeding

In the two years that have elapsed since its launch, Vision 2020, our multi-year initiative to clarify God's call to Strake Jesuit, has grown far beyond the definition of "vision." 

The generous response of our community to Vision 2020 was accompanied by Crusader Fund, Events, and Major Gift commitments exceeding $35,000,000.

Our Way of Proceeding, a $60,000,000 fundraising initiative announced at the 2022 President's Dinner, has been embarked on to bring the support for Vision 2020 beyond buildings and renovations and more deeply into the heart of the mission of Strake Jesuit: forming Men for Others every single day. 

Beyond The Vision

2022 Goal Announcement

Leading By Example

Over 25 years of support

The support of the W.T. & Louise J. Moran Foundation has been vital to the success of the school, and their largest gift yet of $1,500,000 helps significantly to ensure that we can reach our goals as set forth in Vision 2020. The W.T. & Louise J. Moran Student Commons is a 12,000 square foot common space spanning the first and second floor of the center of Loyola Hall, which opened one year ago, and provides a variety of gathering spaces for students throughout the day.

Unmatched in Generosity

We are continually blown away by the generosity of our community. Gifts big and small help make Our Way of Proceeding a reality. We are deeply grateful that every investment in our mission by our community is a witness of generosity and charity to our students and enables us to respond to God's invitation for our school in substantial ways, especially through Robert Clay '85's $4,500,000 commitment.

A Historic Gift and Moment

We are extremely grateful to the Miller family for their constant support of our school and we are thrilled to announce their historic lump sum $1,000,000 gift that will support the Vision of the school and the work of forming Men for Others for many years.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

With deep gratitude, we are proud to announce the Strake Foundation has continued their unwavering support of Strake Jesuit with a $500,000 gift to help us fulfill our Vision for the future. They are truly the gift that keeps on giving.
Vision 2020
Responding to God's Invitation

By the time a student leaves Strake Jesuit, we know he has spent time on and off our campus learning to live out the values of the Grad at Grad, which inspire him to consider what God is calling him to.

We also have confidence it is an important part of his formation to witness examples of adults answering God's invitation in their own lives.

For Strake Jesuit, that discernment of God's call has been prayed over, written down, and is being lived out every day. This page will introduce you to the strategic goals we are continually enacting and provide updates on how they are manifested "in deeds more than in words." </>
Strategic Goals
This video playlist contains the 5-part series of videos released in the Spring of 2020 that outline our understanding of God's invitation for our school, and some tangible ways we see that invitation being lived out. To read the full document, click the image below.
"Today our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others."
- Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.
Living Out the Vision
We make progress living out the vision in front of us every day; not just our faculty, staff, and administration, but the amazing progress we are witnessing every day would be impossible without the full participation of our student body, supportive parents, and generous benefactors.
The Development of Loyola Hall
This project is a physical manifestation of a greater vision that Strake Jesuit is living out every day. As Strake Jesuit looks to the future, it recognizes God's invitation to be more Jesuit & Catholic, more student-centered, more accessible, and more committed to caring for and forming Men for Others.

The building of Loyola Hall will make room for the many young men in Houston who desire an education that helps form them into Men for Others and marks the beginning of a journey as a school community that will define Strake Jesuit for many years to come.

Building highlights:
  • 80,000 sqft. in Loyola Hall
  • 19 Classrooms
  • Offices for Faculty & Staff
  • Dynamic Conference Room
  • Community space for students
  • 350 new parking spots
  • New main entrance for campus

List of 2 items.

  • Capital Campaign Cabinet

    Mr. Kendall & Mrs. Cindy Miller
    Mr. Brett & Mrs. Natalie Agee
    Mr. Paul & Mrs. Joy Posoli
    Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Megan Schroeder
    Mr. David & Mrs. Kriki Jesulaitis
    Mr. Jim & Mrs. Sandi Lemming
    Mr. Raul & Mrs. Kristen Abello
    Mr. Dan & Mrs. Martha Rutledge
    Mr. Mark & Mrs. Stephanie Mixon
    Mr. Josh & Mrs. Stephanie Davis
    Mr. Alex & Mrs. Demi Jessett
  • President's Advisory Council

    Mr. Dick & Mrs. Judy Agee
    Mr. Robert Clay ’85
    Mr. Stuart Davies ’88
    Mr. David Harvey ’72
    Mrs. Kelley Jakubik
    Mr. Mark Mixon
    Mr. Pat Moran ’66
    Mr. Carl Palumbo
    Mrs. Joy Posoli
    Mr. Davis Thames ’85
    Mr. Ignacio Torras

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Topping Off Ceremony

Strategic Vision Reflections

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

If you would like to participate in Our Way of Proceeding, and help Strake Jesuit continue forming Men for Others, please contact Colin Matheny ’02, Director of Advancement, for more information.