Alumni Service Corps

Alumni Service Corps Program

In the fall of 2003, Strake Jesuit began the Alumni Service Corps (ASC). Modeled somewhat on the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) and similar organizations like the Peace Corps, the ASC consists of two to four alumni, just out of college, who spend a year in service to their alma mater. Specifically, the members of the ASC live in one of the houses currently being used by the Jesuit Community on the southeast corner of the campus, observe a class taught by their faculty Mentor, teach one class, work on retreats, service projects, and are involved in any number of possible athletic and extra-curricular activities.

The school provides housing, a budget for ASC living expenses, health insurance and a modest monthly stipend.

While we have a growing number of alumni working and teaching on campus, the ASC is not designed to be a "training camp" for future employees. It is intended to give a few individuals the opportunity to serve the school and our students in a unique way during a year in-between college and beginning their careers or returning to graduate school.

Members of the ASC work closely with a mentor who provides direction and guidance both in the classroom and in working at their alma mater. The mentor also helps the group to form community together and, in the tradition of St. Ignatius, to reflect on and pray over their experiences.

What past members say about their year in ASC...

As I approached the end of college, I was spending a lot of time and energy trying to figure out where I was headed next. The Alum Service Corps letter came in the mail at just the right time! Spending a year living on campus, giving back to the Strake Jesuit community that gave me so much, was instrumental in my discernment about my future - which in my case ended up meaning joining the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. There is a beautiful synergy created when one spends time giving back out of gratitude and, in return, you end up being part of a group of people clearly dedicated to not only your formation and growth, but the formation and growth of young men in the Jesuit tradition
- Marcus Fryer ’00, SJ
Choosing to participate in ASC was a great decision. It was a lot of fun; I was able to spend a year with my favorite teachers, teaching interesting material to eager students. And, of course, it was very fulfilling; Strake has given so much to me, it was a pleasure to be able to give a little bit back. But I didn’t realize how well ASC would prepare me for my life after ASC. Public speaking, professionalism, client relations—all of these were a daily part of ASC, and the skills I learned I use every day.
-  Chris Hagale ’02
My year in the Alumni Service Corps was a great experience. After graduating from Jesuit and moving on to college, I gained a whole new appreciation for the experience I had at Jesuit. My student years at Jesuit prepared me so well for college and for the challenges I would face in life, and I gained friendships that will last a lifetime. The least I could do was take a year of my time to give back to school that was so vital in forming the person that I became. In the ASC, I gained great work experience as I taught an English class and coached football, basketball and lacrosse and had a lot of fun all along the way. The Alumni Service Corps offered a fantastic bridge between college and my career. I would certainly recommend the Alumni Service Corps to anyone who would like to give back to Strake Jesuit, while having lots of fun and gaining valuable work experience in the process.
- Tom Beverick '07

ASC Members

Jack Bonner '98
William Gray '98
Andrew Pruett '98
Christopher Thesing '00

John Bates '99
Marcus Fryer '00
Timothy Szafran '01

Paul Carty '02
Christopher Hagale '02
Armando Huaringa '02
Hector Chavez '02

Charles Sharman '03
Andrew Clifton '04

Andrew Clifton '04
Paul Kanaby '02
Alexandre Marte '04
Mark Monroe '04

William Goodyear '05
Christopher Lemming '05
Scott Macbeth '05

John Phillips '06

Benjamin Baker '06
Robert Blue '06
Timothy Burns '07
Jacques Delouche '07

Tom Beverick '07
Eduardo Hernandez '08
Henry Roth '07
Peter Wyrsch 08

Clement Chee '09
Nicholas Noe '09
Patrick Sequeira '09

Joseph Higgs '10
Mathew Hoffmann '10
Peter McStravick '09
Carlos Siso '10
Tarek Darouiche '11
Austin George '11
Nicolas Giraldo '11

James Barkley '12
John Glynn '12
Nicholas Murphy '12
Matthew Vachon '12

Robert Diaz-Arrastia '11
Alexander Vaporciyan '13
Frank Wathen '13

Randolph Davidson '14
Brian Doyle '14
John Knowles '14
Alexander Rodriguez '14
James Stuckert '14

Anson Fung '15
John McMillan '15
Anthony Schneider '15
Colin Thompson '14

Eddie George '16
Kevin Murphy '15

Cooper Viancos '16 

Brandon Clemons '17
Jared Jimenez '15
Matthew Rea '17

Cooper Viancos '16

Roberto Brunel '15
Jared Jimenez '15
Jack Pittenger '19

AJ Cassapo '19
Dylan Cho '19
Marco Creixell '19
William Dobbs '19
Eduardo Rincon '19

If you are interested in joining ASC, please click the Apply button above. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Mike Crowley at