Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is dedicated to supporting students with diagnosed learning differences in becoming more self-aware of their strengths and challenges, taking ownership of their differences, and developing strategies for success. 

No additional charges are required for LRC services to qualified students, and include:

HSPT: Qualified 8th Graders receive extended time on their High School Placement Test.

Study Hall: Optimum study space available before, during and after school, including non-distracting décor, LED lighting with three dimmer switches to provide options for brightness, study carrels, computers, noise reduction headphones, and stress management break area.

Accommodations: Enrolled students may be provided with extended time on all tests, non-distracting environment testing, preferential seating, alternative note-taking strategies and more. The LRC also provides make-up testing for all students.

Ownership Coaching: Students meet regularly for one-on-one coaching centered in improvement in executive functioning, helping them grow in their ownership of skills in organization, time management, materials management and other skills that are necessary for academic success. Parents are coached as well in supporting their son in gradually taking on more responsibility and becoming more independent, with less and less parent monitoring, reminding and rescuing.

Relationship Development: Students with high functioning autism and other neurological differences resulting in social deficits are provided with coaching to support growth in their ownership of social coordination. 

Consultations: The LRC provides consultations to students, parents and teachers who wish to grow in their understanding of executive functions, and the strategies, systems and structures that help students improve in their academic performance.

LRC Accommodations Guidelines

Accommodations for Standardized Tests