Summer Camps

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Sport fosters contact and relationships with people who come from diverse cultures and walks of life. It accustoms us to live and welcome differences, to turn them into a precious opportunity for mutual enrichment and discovery. Above all, sport is a precious opportunity to recognize one another as brothers and sisters on the journey, to foster the culture of inclusion. May sport be for you all a gym in which to train daily, to measure up to yourself and to others, a gym that gives you the opportunity to know new people and places and to help you feel an active part of society. May you be able to experience, also through sports, the closeness of God and the friendship of brothers and sisters.
– Pope Francis

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Jesuit Athletic Conditioning

The Jesuit Athletic Conditioning Camp, JAC Camp, is a six-week progressive performance camp focused on preparing young men for the demands of their sport practice and competition, as well as providing the tools needed to help them perform at a high athletic level. The participating athletes will be provided instruction on proper warm-up, explosive speed, mobility, agility and strength training techniques. Each session during the week will have a different focus to provide the athlete with important variation of training stimulus. Each day the athlete will work through a training program that will take them through a progressive warm-up, movement work, strength training, cool-down and flexibility training. The goal of this six-week progressive camp is to increase athletic ability and improve performance.