iPads at Strake Jesuit

A tablet program provides our students with the opportunity to develop the skills, tools, and experiences needed to succeed in high school and to better prepare them for college and beyond. Apple’s ecosystem of high quality apps, strong reputation within the education field, and the iPad’s highly functional touch screen, long battery life, and user-friendly interface most closely suit our students’ learning needs as well as our teachers’ instructional needs in the classroom.

Much like a calculator, pen, notebook, or SmartBoard, the iPad is one tool among many that students use at Jesuit. It will not complete homework for students, nor will it read, analyze, digest, comprehend or make students think more critically about their studies. It is simply a tool that students will use to aid his efforts. Students and teachers are expected to use it when it is helpful, and put it aside when it is not. Students are accountable for staying in compliance with Jesuit’s Acceptable Use Policy for all iPad activities.

The iPad is not meant to be a replacement for a computer. Its touchscreen, app ecosystem, interactive textbooks, and built-in multi-media capabilities offer students a completely different learning experience. There are some computing activities, particularly those involving extensive processing power, where a computer is necessary. The school continues to make desktop computers available to students in computer labs when supervised and in the Library.

Vicki K, Current Parent

There is no doubt that technology will play a vital role in our children's future. My son has benefited from Strake Jesuit's iPad progam through interactive digital course books that provided a deeper learning experience, group collaboration on projects through google classroom, personalized training app in the weight room for PE & athletics, as well as being able to transition quickly to online learning with COVID-19. 

Technology in Our Curriculum

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  • 3D Printing

    Our state-of-the-art STEM facilities provide students with opportunities and the appropriate equipment to be as creative and innovative as they can dream to be.
  • Music Labs

    The music labs on campus provide students a cutting-edge environment where the worlds of technology and art collide to produce new and amazing outcomes.
  • Robotics Labs

    Spectrum 3847 is the joint Engineering and FIRST Robotics Competition Team comprised of both Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and St. Agnes Academy students.

iParent Academy

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and we understand that the thought of this new technology in your son's hands may be overwhelming and even daunting. At Strake Jesuit, we want to support you as parents and help you to be as comfortable as possible as this tool is used by your son during his four years at Jesuit. Some parents have had personal smart devices in the home for years, while this may be a completely new experience for others.

iParent Academy is a year-long program consisting of workshops, video tutorials, and resources aimed at providing parents additional information in their efforts to support their sons in our student iPad Program.

Meet Our IT Staff

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    Mr. Glenn Hymel 

    (713) 490-8222
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    Mr. Colin Biano 

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