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iParent Academy

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and we understand that the thought of this new technology in your son's hands may be overwhelming and even daunting.  At Strake Jesuit, we want to support you as parents and help you to be as comfortable as possible as this tool is used by your son during his four years at Jesuit.  Some parents have had personal smart devices in the home for years, while this may be a completely new experience for others.  

iParent Academy is a year-long program consisting of workshops, video tutorials, and resources aimed at providing parents additional information in their efforts to support their sons in our student iPad Program.

Family Sharing

  • Family Sharing is a feature that is highly recommended for any parent that already has an Apple device and their own Apple ID.  It is also recommended if you have multiple sons who will be going through Strake Jesuit.  Family Sharing allows families to share purchases, location, photos etc. without having to use one Apple ID.  Family Sharing also has a feature known as Ask to Buy which allows only the parent's ID to have credit card information, and the son to request apps they desire to purchase or download. Please refer to the following links and resources:

Parenting with an iPad at home

  • How do you parent with an iPad in the home?  Please refer to the following document for some tips and tools click here
  • For all parents, a fantastic resource regarding iPads in the home comes from Redlands College click here.

Purchases on an iPad

  • Handing your son a blank check or your credit card information is not necessary for making purchases, fear not. Click here for tips and options with regard to purchases on the iPad.