Summer School

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** Students will receive an email from their teacher on Wednesday, June 3, with login information, etc.**

Summer 2020 Dates

Full-session Courses
Thursday, June 4—Wednesday, July 1
Half-session Courses
Thursday, June 4–Wednesday June 17
Thursday, June 18–Wednesday July 1

Format: Online Classes

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Summer School classes will conducted online. The format will be similar to the online learning Strake Jesuit has conducted the latter half of the 2019-2020 Spring semester. Students should expect schoolwork each day that is equal to the amount of time they would have spent in the classroom with a teacher.

Communication between teachers and students will be essential to a successful learning experience. Students will need to check-in with their teacher via zoom at the start of each class session. After the initial check-in, teachers will provide instructions on how the class period will be spent. Prior to the first day of class, teachers will establish email communications with students to ensure they have the information they will need to join class on Thursday, June 4.


Registration: Registration is closed. Please note: payment is not processed with registration -- families will be billed by the school.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m.
Once online registration opens, you may register online any time before the registration deadline. Students may not register for more than two classes.

Strake Jesuit Students

Summer School will be offered for Strake Jesuit students who need to obtain credit for a failed course or for those who would like to improve their understanding of a subject and thereby try to raise their grade. Strake Jesuit students will be allowed to register only for courses they completed during the 2019-2020 school year. Incoming freshmen can register only for Pre-Freshman courses.

Non-Jesuit Students

All non-Jesuit students must have written permission from their school in order to attend Strake Jesuit's Summer School, to include that the school knows that classes will be conducted online this summer. Schools will be contacted to confirm each summer course is replacing the grade from a previously completed course.

For-credit Courses

No courses will be offered for-credit this summer. Summer School courses will be limited to students retaking courses they took in the 2019-2020 school year.

Crusader Connection

Due to the online format of Summer School this year, the optional, week-long Crusader Connection – designed to assist incoming freshmen with certain aspects of high-school transition and familiarize them with our campus – will not be offered this summer.


$500 per full-session course (4 weeks)
$250 per half-session course (2 weeks)

After registering online, students will be billed by the school for Summer School tuition. Non-Strake Jesuit students will mail payment by check. If a course is canceled by the school, all fees are refundable. Student withdrawals and disciplinary withdrawals will receive no refund.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be posted online weekly during Summer School. Students will be given login information during the first week of class. The grade reported each week will be a cumulative grade for the entire course. The student’s attendance will also be reported weekly. Credit cannot be awarded for a course where a student has been absent more than once (1) in a half-session course (Economics or US Government & Politics) or more than twice (2) for full-session courses; see “Attendance Policy” below.

Dress Code and Conduct

Students must dress appropriately for their online classes. Clothing must be neat and not be offensive in any way. Students should find a place to join class that will not be distracting either for the student or the class. Students who are not dressed appropriately or disrupt the learning environment will be removed from the session and marked absent.

Attendance Policy

With only 20 class days and 50 hours of instruction time, attendance for Summer School classes is very important. Students who are unable to make the same commitment to attending class every day online just as they would on-campus should not register for Summer School. Although it is very possible students might encounter connectivity issues, prompt communication with the teacher and the Attendance Office ( or 713-490-8141) is required.

Any student who has more than one (1) unexcused absence from a half-session course (Economics or US Government & Politics) or more than two (2) unexcused absences from any other class is subject to receive an F in the course and must withdraw with no refund. Additionally, if a student is asked to leave for the day for disciplinary reasons, that student will be marked absent from class.


Should a student be late for a class two times, it will count as one absence.


All the policies and regulations of Strake Jesuit College Preparatory are in effect during Summer School. If you have any questions, please contact Dean Healey or Mrs. Riedle.

Note: The 2020 Summer School schedule will not be finalized until Wednesday, June 3, 2020, based on enrollment. You can click here to view the tentative 2020 Summer School schedule.