Textbooks at Strake Jesuit are chosen by academic departments in order to compliment the curriculum. Hardback books as well as a variety of digital books are used in your son’s classes.


Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, Strake Jesuit will provide textbooks directly to families at no additional costs beyond the cost of tuition. Students will be asked to purchase additional curricular resources, such as paperback novels and laboratory goggles, on various occasions during the school year.


Hardback books will be mailed directly to a student’s home by a third-party provider on August 1. Digital books will be available through the eTechCampus Virtual Bookstore app on your son’s iPad prior to the first day of class. Your son will be provided instructions regarding how to access and install these digital books once he receives his iPad in August. Additionally his teachers will provide access instructions on the first day of class. At the end of the school year, your son will return the hardback books to the school prior to leaving campus for the summer.


If your son has any issues with textbooks, he can contact Sharon Sheara, the school’s librarian and textbook coordinator at ssheara@strakejesuit.org.


If you would like to purchase an additional textbook or hardback version of a digital textbook, you can find our complete textbook list here.


Please click the button below to access our online textbook buyback and sell your 2018-2019 hardback textbooks.