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Strake Jesuit Athletic Hall of Honor
The purpose of the Strake Jesuit Athletics Hall of Honor is to serve as a means of maintaining the rich heritage and tradition of the Crusader athletic program. In addition, it will serve as a means of recognizing, preserving, and honoring the athletes, coaches, individuals, and teams that made significant contributions to the athletic program.

All nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and Ignatian character.

Athlete - eligible for selection 10 years after their graduation
Primary criteria submitted for consideration should include athletic ability and contribution to his team. Secondarily criteria for consideration may include any post-Jesuit accomplishments, both collegiate and professional, but not to the exclusion of the primary criteria.

Coach - eligible 5 years after leaving the position for which they are nominated
Criteria for selection shall include team records/accomplishments, leadership, and loyalty to Jesuit.

Teams - eligible 10 years after their season
Specific teams, defined as competing in a single school year, may be nominated for selection. Individual 'teams' within a sport (i.e.: Relays teams in track and swimming) may be nominated as a team.

Distinguished Individuals/Alumni
Individuals, including alumni, who have made significant contributions to Crusader athletics or, in the case of alumni, who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics after graduation from Jesuit but would not be considered under the Athlete category may be considered for selection.

A nominee’s form shall be kept on file by the school and considered active for 5 years. After that period, the person/team must be re-nominated to be considered for selection.

Nominee Information:
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