Jesuit Athletic Conditioning Camp (JAC Camp)

Description: The Jesuit Athletic Conditioning Camp (JAC Camp) is a 6 week progressive performance camp focused on preparing young men for the demands of their sport practice and competition, as well as providing the tools needed to help them perform at a high athletic level. The participating athletes will be provided instruction on proper warm-up, explosive speed, mobility, agility and strength training techniques. Each session during the week will have a different focus to provide the athlete with important variation of training stimulus. Each day the athlete will work through a training program that will take them through a progressive warm-up, movement work, strength training, cool-down and flexibility training. The goal of this 6 week progressive camp is to increase athletic ability and improve performance.
When: June 7 - July 22 (There are no camp sessions the week of July 5-9)
Where: Strake Jesuit Clay Stadium & Houghton Memorial Weight Room
Who: Males, Rising 8th through 12th Graders
Camp Includes:  Camp T-shirt 
Camp times/conclusion of camp: Both JAC Camp sessions run Monday through Thursday each week 
  • Session #1: 7:30am – 9:30am – Upper Classmen
  • Session #2: 10:00am – 12:00pm - Incoming Freshmen and 8th grade students 
Cost: $300.00 for 6 week camp with four 2 hour sessions per week

All student participating in JAC must have a physical within the last calendar year uploaded to Magnus under the 'Pre-Participation Physical' section prior to the start of camp. If your son is not a Strake Jesuit student, please bring a copy of his physical to his first day of JAC camp to registration.  

What to bring: Each camper should bring his own pair of cleated type shoes (for the on-field portion), a pair of flat soled, non-marking court shoes (for the weight room and in case of rain), workout shorts and T-shirt.  Please dress at home as locker room facilities will not be available.
Camp Trainer: We have a full-time, certified athletic trainer who will be on site throughout the entirety of camp. If you have any medical concerns regarding your child, please convey this to the coach and trainer at check-in.
Check-in: Check-in will take place at the entrance to Clay Stadium each day at 7:00am and 9:30am.
Pick- up: Pick up will take place at the entrance to Clay Stadium at 9:00 and 12:00pm


Who is JAC Camp for?
Jesuit Athletic Conditioning Camp is for any boy 8th grade and older who wants to improve their overall athleticism including strength, speed, quickness, footwork, flexibility, balance, body control, fitness level, recovery rate and stamina. The camp is designed to help any athlete make “gains” to their performance and is not specific to any one sport. Sport specific skills are not part of the instruction.

How long is JAC Camp?
Each session of JAC Camp is 2 hours long, including a thorough warm-up period, focused speed, agility and resistance training session and ending with a cool-down period and flexibility work. There are 4 days of sessions (Mon-Thu) during each week of the 6 weeks of training included with the camp. The campers have the opportunity to participate in 48 hours of training over the course of the 6 week camp.

What is the JAC Camp daily Schedule?
Each day of the camp begins with check-in and the opportunity to get in some pre-camp injury prevention and mobility training. A thorough warm-up will start off each session followed by general speed development training. The next portion of the camp contains progressive strength, movement, balance and jump training. Each day will have some element of conditioning followed by a cool-down and finishing with a flexibility session.

Why are the incoming freshmen encouraged to attend the 10:00 session? There are a couple of reasons that the freshmen are encouraged to attend this later session. First, the younger athletes have their own camp experience designed specifically for their abilities and developmental stage. The 7:30 session is geared toward our returning athletes who have experienced the physical requirements of JAC Camp and a season of their sport(s). Secondly, having a group geared toward the incoming freshmen gives them an opportunity to get to know the boys that they will be attending school with their freshman year. This group includes boys from other middle schools, other areas of Houston and other sports. It gives them a jump on developing those friendships and eases the transition to Strake Jesuit.

Will the incoming freshmen be lifting weights?
Some of them will eventually lift weights when they are ready. The incoming freshmen and younger athletes are all in different stages of development even though they are similar ages. The camp is designed to introduce the younger athletes to the movements of the exercises utilized in High School athletics and P.E. classes, as well as provide them exercises for a healthy lifestyle. The majority of the training will be completed using body weight exercises to teach and perfect the techniques before adding any loads. This allows the athlete to create a foundation for future training.

Is the JAC Camp workout safe for young athletes?
Yes. The workouts are designed with their developmental level in mind. The young athletes will be asked to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, but not beyond their capabilities. All exercises and stations are supervised by full time members of the Strake Jesuit coaching staff.

What happens if I cannot make a session?
It is certainly encouraged for the athletes to make each of the 24 session, but we understand that families have plans during the summer. If a camper has to miss their session because of a conflict, he is allowed to switch sessions for the day. The training will be modified to accommodate his level of training. If the camper needs to miss an entire week, he will just pick up where he left off when he returns.  The camper is encouraged to continue working out while he is away since the camp is progressive in design with the underlying principle of ongoing improvement

What if I want to attend another Sports Camp?
Attending other Jesuit sport camps is not only allowed, but encouraged. The sport specific camps generally focus on skills and drills associated with improving the attributes unique to that sport. Most camps begin at 9:00, so the boys are encouraged to attend the 7:30 session of JAC Camp for that week even if they are incoming freshmen. The camper will be allowed to transition from JAC Camp to their sport camp between 8:45 and 9:00. This works well as the last 30 minutes of JAC Camp contain the conditioning, cool down and stretch.

It can get very hot. How are the boys protected from getting too hot?
The camp is designed in periods to allow for water breaks. The camp will not go longer than 20 minutes without a five minute water break. The camp supplies water for the campers, as well as a shaded “cool zone” with a cooling mist fan to aide with cooling the athletes down. There is also a licensed and certified athletic trainer on hand at all times during the camp.