Lacrosse Camp - 4th Through 8th Graders

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Description: Lacrosse camp will assist junior campers with improving their stick skills, shooting, dodging, defensive play, team concepts, and overall lacrosse IQ. Combined with our unique training concentrations, our camp will allow athletes to get a well-rounded lacrosse camp experience.
When: June 7-10 -- 9:00am to 12:00pm
Who: Boys, Rising 4th through 12th Graders
Camp Includes:  Camp Pennie
Cost - $125
What to bring: Please bring sneakers in case weather moves the camp indoors.
All campers can bring a water bottle and snacks as described below if desired. Cold water will be onsite. Shade and indoor air conditioning will be taken advantage of during breaks.
Camp Trainer: We have a full-time, certified athletic trainer who will be on site throughout the entirety of camp. If you have any medical concerns regarding your child, please convey this to the coach and trainer at check-in.  Water will be provided daily; however, it is highly encouraged that the athlete brings a water bottle as Hydration cannot be emphasized enough due to the hot and humid camp conditions. It is particularly important post-workout. We will be speaking with the athletes at the beginning of camp, but the following are some tips for pre-camp meals:
* Toast, bagel, English muffin
* Granola bars
* Fruit
* Milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs
* Doughnuts
* Greasy breakfast foods
Check-in: Check-in will take place at the entrance to Clay Stadium on Monday at 8:45am
Pick- up: Pick up will take place at the entrance to Clay Stadium at 12:00pm