SJ Cheerleading

2022-23 Varsity Cheerleaders
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Front row: Milano Gutierrez, Abby Barton-Captain, Chloe Newport, Jordan Johnson, Eliza Vale
Middle row: Hannah Yi, Bianca Burga, Emma Kate Folse, Vivian Capasso
Last row: Emmy Jones, Ava Sweitzer, MK Davis, Abby Rasch, Zoe Kroencke-Captain

2022-23 JV Cheerleaders
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Front row: Ella Huang, Gabbie Luna, Jameson McTague, Ella Grover, Gabrielle Louis, Dani Lynch-Captain
Middle row: Ellle Keeler, Deja Sowells, Sarah Chretien, Grace Kardoush, Alannah Grimes
Back row: Lilly Marino, Caroline Psyk, Kendall Kyle, Elle Oelkers
The Strake Jesuit Program consists of two squads: Varsity (grades 11 & 12) and JV (grades 10 & 11). We show care and concern for all, and hope to be persons for others by promoting school spirit and sportsmanship among students, spectators, and players at Strake Jesuit.

Tryouts are held the week after Spring Break and are open to current freshmen, sophomores and juniors. A parent-student information meeting is held in late February. The cheerleaders attend UCA Cheer Camp in late May – early June. 
We hold our practices Monday – Wednesday 3:05-4:35pm in April-May and from the first week in August-mid-November.  Mrs. Adrienne Villarreal Mathews and Mrs. Jennifer Luke are the coaches of the Strake Jesuit Cheerleaders.