Martial Arts Camp

Martial Arts camp will introduce campers to the fundamentals of martial arts including various striking techniques, kicks, rolls, falls, balance, and other related skills.  This camp will help those looking to pursue their training in martial arts and will help older campers to be introduced to the Strake Jesuit Martial Arts Team.  Two camps will be offered: rising 3rd Grade – 5th Grade and 6th Grade – 9th Grade.  The older grades will also learn more advanced Hapkido techniques.
When:  July 12 – July 15, Boys and Girls
Camp 1:  Rising 3rd Grade – 5th Grade,  1:00PM – 2:00PM, Cost: $50.00
Camp 2:  6th Grade – 9th Grade,  2:00PM – 4:00PM, Cost: $100.00
Camp Includes:  Camp T-Shirt
What to bring:  Martial arts pants, sweat pants, or athletic pants are recommended.  Camp will be held in the matted martial arts gym therefore shoes are not worn on the mat.  Girls are not allowed to wear tank tops or revealing clothing.

Camp Tournament:  A Gladiator Tournament will be held on the last day of camp.
Camp Trainer:  We have a full-time, certified athletic trainer who will be on site throughout the entirety of camp.  If you have any medical concerns regarding your child, please convey this to the coach and trainer at check-in.
Check-in: Check-in will take place at the entrance to Clay Stadium on Monday at 12:45PM for Camp 1; and 1:45PM for Camp 2.
Pick-up:  Pick-up will take place at the entrance to Clay Stadium at the end of each camp.