Mr. Glenn Hilman

Glenn Hilman is an energy executive with broad experience at CITGO Petroleum, a US refining company with annual revenue exceeding $28 billion. He led CITGO’s midstream business with EBITDA of $150 million per year and executed M&A transactions of more than $1.0 billion. He also participated in road shows for a $2.8 Billion debt issuance for CITGO Holding and led the associated $775 million asset carve out of midstream assets. In his last position as the Vice President, Shared Services, he was responsible for procurement, information technology, real estate, human resources, executive compensation, and managing retirement plans of more than $2.0 billion. Subsequent to his retirement from CITGO, he continued to serve as an executive advisor to CITGO and formed Talon Energy Group,  with emphasis on commercial development, compensation, performance improvement, and legal support.

Glenn’s first experience with Strake Jesuit, shortly after returning to Houston, was when his son, Alec Hilman, informed him during fifth grade that he wanted to attend Strake Jesuit. Alec was admitted into Strake Jesuit and after an extended illness, passed away at the end of his freshman year. Glenn and his wife Lori continue to support Strake Jesuit through the Alec Hilman ’17 Endowment Fund, established to provide financial aid support to a student in need who demonstrates a desire to serve God and his community, consistent with Alec’s faith journey.