Luke Parker '21 Appointed to the United States Naval Academy

In the spirit of Jesuit education, it is no surprise when one of our own decides to take the extra step and answer the call to service as a Man for Others. Luke Parker ’21 will be attending the United States Naval Academy this fall. He joins the ranks of Strake Jesuit alumni who have gone on to serve their country. 
“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to serve my country. I was first inspired to consider naval service after I visited Pearl Harbor as a child and spoke to one of the veterans who had survived the attack. In addition to this, while serving for Congressman Pete Olson, I was strongly inspired to consider the United States Naval Academy. He had served as a pilot and was a huge fan of the Naval Academy and urged me heavily to be a Midshipman,” said Parker. 
During his time at Strake Jesuit, Luke has been a part of the varsity football team and the National Honor Society. Outside of Jesuit, he was involved in the Boy Scouts and served on Congressman Pete Olson’s Youth Council. 
He credits his readiness for the Navy to his Jesuit education. 
“Due to the rigorous academics and athletics offered at Strake Jesuit, I feel that I have been greatly prepared for my appointment to the United States Naval Academy. I have always been supported and urged to pursue my dream of serving my country. During my four years at Strake Jesuit, I have grown mentally, physically, and spiritually, and I have no doubt it has fully prepared me for this opportunity.” 
Part of Strake Jesuit’s mission is to form leaders and Men for Others. It is something that resonates with Luke, and he will take all that he has learned and apply them in his daily life. 
“I have been given so many opportunities to lead and serve. The service hours I have done for school have allowed me to see first-hand what impact a person’s service can have on a community. Through this service, I have also grown to learn what encompasses the meaning of Men for Others. The mission of Strake Jesuit is to enable young men to have the ability to serve and lead others. From this service, we are taught to be humble leaders who are always willing to put others’ needs before our own. This is the mindset that I have acquired, and I have no doubt it has been instilled within all of my peers. After graduation, I know the values this school has taught me will continue to stay within me and guide me in my future service within the Navy.”