Exemplifying the Magis Mentality

By Reid Linden
Magis is a Jesuit phrase that means pursuing God’s greater glory in every opportunity. While many exemplify this mentality, one teacher at Strake Jesuit profoundly models the magis: Mr. Jason Brown.

Entering his fourth-year teaching English at Jesuit, Mr. Brown is known for establishing a high standard. English teacher Mr. George Howe explains that Mr. Brown “is a great teacher who is enthusiastic and challenges the students. He overhauls his class every year to make sure it is the best experience for the students.” Additionally, Mr. Brown teaches with the end in mind. “He does a good job of focusing on what matters, the goal of glorifying God,” continues Mr. Howe. “He always sees our work as English teachers within that context.”

Glorifying God in the classroom and on the field, Mr. Brown also coaches the Fighting Crusaders lacrosse team. Head coach Mr. Kevin Anderson remarked that after many years spent studying the game, Mr. Brown has molded a defense that averages less than ten goals per game. “It is a big deal,” comments Mr. Anderson. “We are so appreciative that he was willing to take on this role, and the kids appreciate him because he is willing to bring energy and passion to the team. Personally, I cannot thank him enough. I do not know where I would be in the program if he did not bring that effort and work ethic overall.” Whether he is teaching or coaching, Mr. Brown offers his maximum effort. What instilled this work ethic within him?

When asked what fuels his magis mentality, Mr. Brown chuckles. “Whether it is coaching or teaching, everything you do is for other people. You try to give the students the best you can.” He continues, “My students are counting on me, so if I can give myself for their benefit, why not? At the end of the day, God called me to be a teacher here at Strake Jesuit. Everything I do is based off knowing this.” Embracing his vocation, Mr. Brown accepts his roles at Jesuit and seeks to glorify God in every way possible.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Similarly, pursuing God’s greater glory draws others to do so as well. Mr. Jason Brown offers his gifts and talents to this end for both faculty and students to witness, and Jesuit is certainly blessed to have him.