Jaydon Carroll ’23

By Margaret Buehler
Strake Jesuit has people united in mission from the third floor of Loyola Hall to the freshmen boys toiling on their practice fields. Jaydon Carroll ’23 is one of them; he has worked through this system, and, as he prepares to graduate, reflected on the values Strake Jesuit has taught him. He spoke about learning experiences, both academic and personal, that shaped him into a Man for Others, and will help him to shape others.

Jaydon will attend Freed-Hardeman University in Tennessee to continue his personal and professional mission. In 10 years, he says, “I see myself working as a nurse, with a wife and children, and friends and family surrounding me in support, including my parents.” He wants to live in Texas, specifically in Houston, to have access to his family and to our Medical Center. All of this thinking shows that Jaydon understands that relationships matter in a person’s success, and he has good relationships. He speaks of his friends at Strake Jesuit, and also of his relationships with teachers who are important to him. He spoke to me of academic challenges and triumphs, as well as relationships with faculty members who have helped him to that “drawing out of the best” of him that defines education.

Every teacher who knows Jaydon says much the same thing; Jaydon’s work ethic and concern for intellect makes him a valuable asset to his classes. He knows to reach out for help early, and to build relationships with his teachers. He’s hard-working, eager to learn, coachable, and connects to both classmates and teachers.

His coaches agree. Trey Young ’13 has supported and taught Jaydon much about basketball, and so, about life. And, importantly, he passed on his Jesuit values to Jaydon. Coach Amorosa says of Jaydon, “He’s respectful, committed to being the best student athlete he can be, and cares about his teammates. His character…will serve him well as he leaves Strake Jesuit.”

He tells me that the Grad at Grad value he feels closest to is that he is “open to growth.” When he arrived, he
believed that failure was not an option. He later discovered that failure is a pathway to learning, and that hard
work turns failure to success. He has grown in all of his Grad at Grad values, and especially enjoyed his service
project at Camp Blessing last summer. He has truly set out on his path to be a Man for Others!