Crusader of the Year Awards 2024

Every year, four students are presented with the Crusader of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes one exemplary student from each grade level who has demonstrated the characteristics of a Man for Others. The freshman, sophomore, and junior awards were presented at the Father-Son Luncheon, and the senior award was presented at graduation. This year’s recipients are Alex Montoya ’27, Jack Prati ’26, Martin Mejia ’25, and Toby Arayath ’24. 

Alex Montoya ’27 is academically and athletically gifted and admired by his peers and teachers. A student of many interests, he tackles his passions with enthusiasm. He is an active member of the Car Club, Medical Club, and Philosophy Club. His natural charisma and confident demeanor make him a natural leader. Above all else, he is widely respected as a consistent example of what it means to be a good man. 

Jack Prati ’26 exhibits all the qualities defining this prestigious award. He excels academically and in extracurricular activities, yet his kindness, humility, and openness to growth stand out the most. His leadership and work ethic inspire his classmates to excel. A loyal teammate, dedicated friend, and selfless leader, he truly represents what it means to be a Man for Others

Martin Mejia ’25 has truly embraced every aspect of our school community. Over the past three years, he has consistently tackled a challenging course load. He is a talented and dedicated student. He is involved with the arts and has had impressive musical performances at several school events. He is also involved in athletics, a member of the cross country and wrestling teams, and even leads as the wrestling team captain. His exemplary character, unwavering positivity, and strong moral compass make him a positive influence in our community. 

Toby Arayath ’24 is a remarkable student with a big heart. He is known for his warmth, kindness, and faith-filled life, and he has a gift for making others feel respected, valued, and understood. He has dedicated time to our pastoral ministry efforts on campus and during retreats. A natural leader with a strong moral conviction, his treatment of others sets him apart as an outstanding individual. After graduating from Strake Jesuit, he will attend Texas A&M University, and we are excited to hear how he continues to be a Man for Others