School Wide Mass
Communal worship is a vital dimension of the spiritual life of Strake Jesuit, the celebration of the Eucharist being preeminent.  School wide Masses are celebrated on a monthly basis and several Strake Jesuit events are accompanied by the Eucharist, such as Father-Son Breakfast and Baccalaureate Mass.  In addition to these special liturgies, daily Mass is celebrated before the start of each school day.

Weekday Mass
Daily Mass will be held every weekday (Monday-Friday) at 7:25 am in the Lahart Chapel. On those days when there is a Day Order with a late start, the morning Mass will begin at 8:30 am.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
All students, faculty or staff desiring to go to Confession are welcome to drop by the Pastoral Ministry Center anytime.  A priest will also be available for Confession in the Lahart Chapel: after the Morning Mass each Wednesday in the Lahart Chapel.