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Eagle Pass, TX

2020 Spring Break Mission Trip to Eagle Pass, TX

Information: This is a combined trip with four Catholic high school groups: St. Agnes Academy, St. Pius X, Cristo Rey Jesuit and Strake Jesuit, and St. John Vianney Youth Group. Each group is limited to 10 students and 2 chaperones.
SAA and SPX students will leave on Saturday, March 14th at 8 am.
All others will leave 8 a.m. on Sunday*, March 15th from their respective campuses.

 This is as much a spiritual pilgrimage as it is a mission, to the local people of Eagle Pass, a border town of Texas.  Students will be in mixed groups that will be assigned different houses for the labor work. Work involves painting, roofing and repairing houses.  The groups also host a mini "vacation bible class" for kids in underprivileged homes, conduct spiritual work with the elderly, the sick and the poor, and explore issues related to immigration.  We work in collaboration with local agencies in Eagle Pass, Texas.  We take this mission seriously.  As missionaries, you will be representatives of our schools.  This mission is for positive, faith-filled students who are willing to work and pray hard

Boarding and Lodging: (Women will stay at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.)  Men will stay at Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church Parish Hall.  All meals will be taken at the OLOR parish hall.

Trip Costs: $410/student. The cost includes all travel expenses, food and lodging at the site, a t-shirt and program fees. Other personal expenses will include some personal meals along the way. 10 students max and 2 chaperones.

Pre-Mission Work: Read the snip-it of “Harvest of the Empire” (provided and sent to selected group) and write a reflection summary.  Watch “How to Videos” (sent to selected group) and write a one-sentence summary for each.