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2018 - 19 Active Club List

Architecture – Moderator – Ms. Burke
Students explore the field of architecture by learning from guest speakers, field trips and design projects. This club has opportunities both during and after school.

Asian Culture Club (ACC) - Moderator – Mrs. Meyer
Members of both Strake Jesuit and St. Agnes Academy meet to discuss and learn about Eastern Pacific cultures.  Students strive to establish Asian pride and heritage, but also help the Asian and Catholic communities around us.

Athletes Taking Action – Moderator – Mrs. O’Hara
Our mission is to volunteer to work with children with special needs who cannot play regular sports.  We work closely with the children in the CPS program, children with Down syndrome at Gigi’s Playhouse, Special Olympics and Challenger Sports Program.

Audio-Visual (AV) – Moderator – Mr. Hernandez-Ching
Students commonly interested in audio visual topics and collaborating and sharing ideas about making music and video projects. 

Automotive Appreciation – Moderator – Mr. Gumaro Pedroza
The perfect club for any SJ Car enthusiast.   We discuss topics about the future of the auto industry, opinions on newer technologies (such as electric and hybrid vehicles) and current problems that automakers are facing now. Our goal for this club is to educate young drivers on the mechanical side of their vehicles, as well as open their minds to discuss real-world automotive evolutions.

Black Student Union - Moderator – Mr. Carroll
The Strake Jesuit Black Student Union (BSU) exists to connect and inspire Jesuit’s African-American community. It serves its members by providing resources, encouragement and a vehicle through which the students learn about and maximize their opportunities at Strake Jesuit.

Cancer Awareness – Moderator – Ms. Simien
This club is frocused on raising awareness for all types of cancer. Cancer is a subject that is dear to everyone's hearts, so we feel like it is necessary to inform, volunteer, comfort, and raise awareness to help people affected by this disease.

Chemistry - Moderator – Dr. Berger
The mission of the chemistry club is to introduce students to careers in chemistry and applied chemistry through presentations, demonstrations and activities.

Chess Club – Moderators – Mr. Auzenne, Mr. Crist
The purpose of the club is just to give students a place to play chess, to improve their game, and to have some competitions.

Club IEATS – Moderator – Mrs. McNeil
Group of students interested in learning about the foods and cultures from all countries. We will fellowship and learn about those cultures and share the experiences and reviews with others.

Comedy Sportz – Moderator – Mr. Sullivan
The ComedySportz High School League® is the largest improv training program for high school students.  The High School League® empowers students to create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances.

Computer Programming - Moderators – Mr. Diaz, Mr. Conlon
All aspects of computing interests get explored: programming, hardware building, app development, and gaming. Computer enthusiasts have opportunities to gather to compete in programming competitions, sponsor LAN parties and learn more about technology.

Creative Writing – Moderators – Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Sheara, Mr. Autry
This club offers opportunities for students to hone their writing skills, explore publication opportunities, workshop their written work, host readings, meet professional writers, and serve on the editorial board of the Strake Jesuit literary magazine, Inkwell. Photographers and those with an interest in marketing or web design are also welcome.

Cruise Aiders – Moderator – Mrs. Kelly   
To design and make an Art Car for the Houston Art Car parade. Our mission is to bring together students with varying talents from artistic to mechanical. We want to make our community aware of our school and represent it in a positive way touting Catholic school education.

Crusader Crew - Moderators – Mrs. Jamerlan, Mr. Patrick
Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes freshmen, makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year at Strake Jesuit, and discover how to enjoy a successful transition to high school. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, Crusader Crew Leaders are members of the junior and senior classes trained to mentor freshmen.  Beginning in August, all freshmen are divided into "crews" of consisting of 8-10 students and led by three Crusader Crew Leaders. These leaders serve as mentors and friends for the year and help plan and facilitate a variety of academic and social follow up activities.

Crusaders for Life - Moderators – Ms. Granados, Ms. Riojas
To encourage the growth of student's beliefs of respecting the inherent dignity of each human person from the moment of conception to natural death.

Crusader Peer Guides – Moderator – Mr. Polce
To advise against and help eliminate the temptations of drugs and alcohol.  Club where upperclassmen can act as men for others for the underclassmen through positive actions and offering advice.

Crusader Guard - Moderator – Mr. Walker
A group of upperclassmen who function as representatives of the school at athletic and honorific functions. The Guard was established with one primary purpose in mind, and this remains today as the essential function of the Guard—to protect our mascot George from would be thieves or malevolent defacers. Club members have access to the field during football games.

Ecology - Moderators – Mrs. Jamerlan, Ms. Salvaggio
The Ecology Club is to offer opportunities for the Strake Jesuit Community to further recycling on campus, give the students opportunities to participate in service projects in the Houston community, and to inform the student’s on methods to reduce their impact on the environment.

Engineering (Robotics) Team - Moderators – Mr. Walker, Mr. Gregory
Strake Jesuit and SAA students learn about the different fields of engineering and gain hands on experience in the planning and building of robots for competition.  Our Spectrum 3847 robotics team has won numerous regional and national awards.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) – Moderator – Ms. Adsit
We focus on many different facets of business including technology, public speaking, business, finance, management, and many others. Through FBLA, you will make connections to the business world and form networks that will last a lifetime! FBLA is the premier business education association that prepares students for careers in business.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Moderator – Mr. Polce
Students interested in promoting a positive community spirit through discussions centered around bible study.  Each meeting we have talks on scripture and related current topics. 

Frassati Society - Moderator – Mr. Romano
The mission of the Frassati Society at Strake Jesuit is to promote devotion to the Rosary and to propagate the cause of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.  We meet once a month and weekly during Lent to pray the Rosary.

French Club – Moderator – Mrs. Randazzo
The main purposes of the French Club are to promote enthusiasm among students for the French language and culture and to provide students with a friendly but serious way to approach a new language.

Havana Club – Moderator – Mr. Pacheco
A club for students interested in exploring Cuban food, culture, music and traditions. 

Hispanic Student Union - Moderator – Ms. Riojas
Dedicated to promoting Hispanic culture and awareness. We are also dedicated to grasping a better understanding of all cultures and educating others about the Hispanic culture. We seek to better our community through our common thread of Hispanic culture.

Ignatian Nation – Moderator – Mrs. Armstrong
School spirit is promoted for the athletic and academic interests of our student body.  Our club members attend sporting events, academic competitions, along with district and playoff games to raise school spirit, and make students proud to be Crusaders.

Ignatian Prayer Club – Moderator – Fr. Rauschuber
To spread the principles of the Jesuits through Ignatian prayer and brotherhood, making students more aware of Jesuit teachings.

International Affairs – Moderator – Mr. Auzenne
We will gather as a club to discuss and analyze international current events and issues, especially as they relate to American foreign policy.

Key Club - Moderators – Mrs. Alvarado, Ms.  Cortez-Juárez
Key Club is an international student-led organization, which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership skills.   Volunteering takes place on and off campus.  We are officially chartered with the national organization of Kiwanis International.   Requirements:  Fifty service points per year and $16.00 dues.  We usually meet during community time.

Lebanese Culture – Moderator – Mr. Munoz
To bring Lebanese culture into Strake Jesuit, to let everybody learn about the country and lifestyle. Open to all students that desire to educate themselves and enjoy some different cuisine.

MAGIS – Moderator – Mr. Saltzman
Students pitch ideas to editors, write newsworthy articles and opinions for the school newspaper.  Create the design, layout, and publish this on-line newspaper.

Math Club – Moderator – Mrs. Hanna
To advance the critical thinking processes of the mind’s mathematical capabilities, and to encourage competition within the state and national levels. 

MECA – Moderator – Mr. Munoz
The MECA club stands for Middle Eastern Culture Association. Oour goal as a club is to educate people about middle eastern culture. We will accomplish this by volunteering at numerous middle-eastern church events around Houston.  Become a member and have an informed and appreciative understanding of the middle eastern culture. 

Medical Club - Moderators– Mr. Jamerlan, Mr. Lynn
This club gives students exposure to health science careers and allows for medical science discussions among members.  The club meets to host guest speakers and volunteers in various capacities to help in the annual Blood Drive. 

Mentors for Others – Moderator – Dr. Maier
Students from Strake Jesuit partner with Social Motion Skills Teens Mentoring Teens group to provide positive peer mentorship for high school students with autism, ADHD, and other similar social challenges; allowing them to believe in themselves, blend in, and befriend. All new club members attend an orientation; activities include a once a month outing to practice social skills and have fun.

Model United Nations – Moderators – Ms. Kallman,  Mrs. Thurber
Model United Nations is a student run extracurricular activity where students role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. These activities take place at conferences around the country and require substantial research, public speaking, debating, writing skills and teamwork.

Monuments Men – Moderator – Mrs. Scott
The Monuments Men is a student service club for the Strake Jesuit Art Museum.  Students actively contribute to museum operations as stewards and/or docents.  Stewards conserve and properly care for the art entrusted to us.  Docents learn about the art collection and share it with the larger community on tours and at exhibits.

Nerf – Moderator – Mr. White
This club is for all who love Nerf!   We collect, modify, engineer, paint, and improve Nerf blasters of all sorts; once we do that, we hold Nerf wars to bring out the kid in us all.

Nintendo – Moderator – Mr. Stuckert
Students interested in Nintendo can play and talk about products as well as review future accessories/products. We will focus on how video games are created, reviews of consoles and their designs, and how they can be bettered with improvements.

Online Entrepreneurship - Moderator – Mr. Lynn
The mission of the Online Entrepreneurship Club is to help those who want to start a business but do not know where to start. With our members, we will each share ideas on how to start and build a company through social media and other platforms of technology.

Photography – Moderator - Mrs. Sheara
The Photography Club promotes the fine art of photography throughout the Strake Jesuit community. Students share recent work, encourage and support each other, learn how to improve their craft, and sponsor monthly photo contests. Club members serve the school and its ministries by providing quality promotional photos for school events and activities.

Ping Pong – Moderator – Mr. D’Souza
Students interested in playing ping pong once a month and building community and personal friendships.  Beginners or seasoned players welcome to join.

Quantum Physics – Moderator – Mr. Dunford
Quantum Physics Club meets monthly, giving students the chance to explore the fabric of reality through discussing theories and conducting experiments.  We are just a bunch of "quarks" who "string" each other along, forming the "nucleus" of an awesome club. 

Quiz Bowl – Moderators – Dr. Maier, Mr. Volding, Dr. Berger
Students meet and hone their knowledge skills by competing against each other in mock and actual “Quiz Bowl” events.  Students meet and practice to answer trivia and current topics questions using a buzzer. 

Raft Club - Moderator – Mr. Siemann
We set out to a body of water once a quarter to design and build rafts while learning and utilizing engineering and buoyancy basics. At the same time, we have a lot of fun working with one another to grow in team building and collaboration.

SJET - Moderator – Mr. Pepe
Students interested in all aspects of television production. Learn how to shoot, edit and run a television studio using state-of-the-art equipment.

SJ Tailgaters - Moderator – Mr. Polce
We are a club that promotes a positive school spirit and awareness of upcoming athletic events.  Our club gets together before the game in the parking lot and serves food to our spectators.

Social Justice – Moderator – Mr. Schaeperkoetter
The mission of this club is to promote awareness of Catholic Social Teaching on campus and to learn and act in solidarity with the marginalized.

Soccer Analysis – Moderators – Mr. Pruett, Mr. Gardner
Students meet and discuss different soccer leagues, upcoming games, players, and related news. The club a blog and social media presence that allows posting of club member’s articles and upcoming soccer events. 

Spanish Club – Moderator – Ms. Riojas
The Spanish club brings together students who are learning Spanish as a second language and are interested in having opportunities to practice the language inside and outside our school community. Students will also learn more about the culture of the different countries where Spanish is spoken by participating in different celebrations and activities that will create a better appreciation and understanding of the Spanish and Latin American culture.

Spikeball Club – Moderators – Mr. Siemann, Mr. Dunford
Promoting the sport of Spikeball by setting up and playing matches on the Quad Field during Community time.  Come join us!

Statistics Club – Moderator – Ms. Adsit
Our interest focuses on running school wide polls/surveys by using the different types of sampling like cluster and stratified. The mission of this club is to promote interest in statistics and possible careers in statistics.

Theater - Moderators – Mr. Sullivan,  Ms. Burke, Mr. Siemann
Theater includes the international Thespian Society, Comedy Sportz, lunch improvisation, as well as all interested in acting.

Student World Affairs Council – Moderator – Mr. Keogh
The Student World Affairs council is a group that under the umbrella of the World Affairs Council of Houston takes part in current event competitions and attends events hosting expert speakers discussing international cultures, religions, issues, and careers.

Ultimate Frisbee - Moderator – Mr. Walker
The SJ Ultimate Club seeks to organize Ultimate Frisbee games at SJ as well as to facilitate various campus wide events sponsored by the club, including intramural tournaments. SJ Ultimate wants to foster an environment where highly-skilled players, and players with no skills alike, can come together to play a sport that many have not been introduced to.

Veteran’s Appreciation – Moderator – Mr. Harvey
Honoring our military veterans through community outreach assistance and service to others.  Invite guest speakers to visit and inform members of military events.

Yearbook - Moderator – Mrs. Othon
To educate students about design, photography, and management, as well as record our schools history and produce the annual yearbook.

Young Conservatives - Moderator – Dr. Clinton
The mission of the Strake Jesuit Young Conservatives is the discussion and promotion of conservative political thought. We meet approximately twice a month to discuss and debate philosophy, the Constitution of the United States of America, and current political news events.

Young Independents - Moderator – Mr. Saltzman
We are universally convinced that there are different and better ways to be political, rather than simply being “liberal” or “conservative.” We meet to discuss the state of the American political order, to debate political issues, and to plan political awareness events.

Young Progressives – Moderator – Mr. Auzenne
Club members will discuss political events in the news and educate students on political issues of importance from a progressive standpoint.

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