College Counseling

While a student’s College Counselor will work with him most closely during junior and senior year, the student will have a dedicated College Counselor from the moment he starts at Jesuit. The College Counselor will assist each student in his goal of making informed and reasonable decisions regarding his college career. Through both group and individual meetings, the College Counselor will help each student navigate the college admissions process and prepare him for the transition from Strake Jesuit to higher education. Additionally, College Counselors will keep abreast of the latest information and strategies regarding college admissions by fostering relationships with institutions of higher learning.  Click here to make an appointment with your College Counselor.

The office of College Counseling will also host events that will help families better understand the college admissions process.

Seniors & Parents - Class of 2020
College Information Meeting - TBD
Senior Parent PowerPoint Presentation
College Application Preparation
UT Application Information

Juniors & Parents - Class of 2021
College Information Meeting - TBD
College Application Information and Procedures for the Class of 2020
Junior Parent PowerPoint Presentation
College Application Preparation

Sophomores & Parents - Class of 2022
College Information Meeting - TBD
Sophomore Parent PowerPoint Presentation
Preparing for Your Junior Year

Freshmen & Parents - Class of 2023
College Information Meeting - TBD
Introduction Into the College Admissions Process

Financing Your College Education
Information Meeting - TBD
College Affordability
Financial Aid 101
Seeking Out Private & Corporate Scholarship Opportunities


Admissions Insider

New Data on Admissions: Criteria That Matter, Early Decision and More
"State of College Admission" finds colleges focus more on academics than personal characteristics and value first-generation status over race/ethnicity.


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