Senior Essay Writing Program

Because the Essay is a critical component of the college admission process, Strake Jesuit has developed a multi-tiered support program to provide our juniors and seniors with college essay assistance, offering them a variety of opportunities to develop their understanding and competence in writing the college application personal essay through presentations, seminars, and one-on-one assistance. Participation is optional, but highly recommended.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Keogh at


March/April of Junior Year: 
All juniors will attend one to two presentations that introduce the college essay. Mrs. Grimes’ presentations will address the role the essay plays in admission, the Apply Texas and Common Application Essay Topics, and the basics of writing an essay that is unique and exemplary of the student author.

Summer before Senior Year:
In August, we offer Essay Writing Seminars which are open to all seniors on a first-come, first-served basis. In these seminars, the seniors workshop exemplary essays, analyze the given Common Application and Apply Texas essay topics, and explore techniques to begin and ultimately produce a quality college admission essay. The stated goal of these workshops is that students will leave having produced one essay that has been taken through the revision process at least once. Students should enroll via on-line registration. Tuition is assessed for this program. Tuition assistance is available by contacting Mr. Andrew Montroy.

Early September:
All seniors attend a short presentation during their senior grade level counseling classes, during which Mr. Keogh will give an overview of the Essay Support Program and instructions on how to maximize the use of this service and wonderful resource. Mr. Keogh will be available for tutoring from the very first day of school.

1 on 1 Tutoring:
The final most individual component of The Essay Support Program is one-on-one tutoring with our essay specialist Mr. Keogh. Scheduled for 20 minutes, these sessions can be dedicated to exploring possible topics or editing and revising current essays. He is available throughout the college admission process fall semester. Students are welcome to bring supplemental essays, scholarship essays, and even short answer questions for consultation.

In order to schedule an appointment, visit Mr. Keogh's website at

Supplemental Resource:

Below, you will find a guide, "Launching Application Essays," with resources to help students get to work on their college application essays.

The document contains:
1. Links to sample college application essays
2. Writing exercises and readings to hone skills for personal essays
3. Current Common Application and Apply Texas essay topics
4. Advice for drafting and editing application essays 

Launching Application Essays.pdf